Friday, October 12, 2012

Making Something Out of Nothing....

Did you ever have something on your desk forever (like years) that you kept moving from place to place and not wanting to throw it away but know you will probably never use it?? I do this ALL the TIME!

Yesterday I decided I had to clean up my space a little due to a big project I just finished and in anticipation of another I need to start. 
First thing I picked up was this:

Some Iris Folding I did about 2 years ago.  Why?? Because I often do random crafty things for relaxation. The store that my friend Linda co-owns, Creative Cuts, does alot of Iris Folding and one day I thought this might be a fun no stress project--it was! But..then what to do with them???? 
They sat on my desk for TWO years being moved from place to place.

Today was the day--either do something with the 5 houses or GARBAGE!!
I already hated the colors.
I had used scrap paper to make them.
First I did this:
I stamped a flower shape with some very old white Staz-on. 
Didn't work, so I outlined the shapes with a white gel pen.
Then I did this:
I stamped another random shape along the bottom to mimic bushes with VersaMark and embossing powder--YUCK!
So I did this:
I added some green paint with my finger over what I stamped. YUCK again....
So I did this:
I stamped some random dots on the roof and added the thank you with embossing powder. Maybe a little better--probably not...
So I did this:
I added some green and yellow mats (also random pieces of paper on my desk) to them and threw them onto a card base and stamped this on the inside:
and then...
I gave them to my mom
 made her swear she wouldn't tell anyone I made them!!!
But you know what???!!! 
They are OFF my desk :)
Just goes to show you they are not all winners...

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  1. These are so much fun! I have never tried iris folding but I might now that I've seen these! Now I want to go get something off my desk that keeps moving around- thanks for the inspiration!


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