Thursday, September 20, 2012

Brave Girl Art School....

I have so many projects going and none of them seem to be making it to the Blog, but I am having SO much fun in Brave Girl Art School I just wanted to post one of my first Funky Flowers projects. I started doodling on regular copy paper, but soon after I could see that I might want to keep it so I started again in one of my journals I made. Not sure if this one will get color or not. I sort of like it just the way it is :)

It's not too late, you can still join in and sign up for Brave Girl Art School HERE. Next week I am going to show you my next project--a Funky Flower Canvas! FUN!!! Also, on Monday Carolyn and I will be back with our next installment of Artsy Fartsy Friendly Fun!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Maria, this is beautiful, very Zentangle, hugs

  2. No color- it is stunning in black and white! You have such control of your pen- such uniform lines and curves - you have to share your secret with me when we are in Connecticut! I am just learning to doodle- how crazy that I am doodle impaired...


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