Monday, September 24, 2012

Artsy Fartsy Friendly Fun....Take 2!

Today Carolyn and I are back with another Artsy Fartsy Friendly Fun Challenge. 
If you missed our first challenge you can see Carolyn's Post HERE and mine HERE.

We have decided to do our challenge every other Monday and have made a huge list of things to challenge ourselves with!

This time the challenge is: BEADNIKS.
 What is Beadniks you might ask???? It is a unbelievably fun bead store that Carolyn and I along with our friends Christi and Traci visited last week while we were at the Mall of America for ScrapFest. Carolyn had told me about this store about 2 months ago in anticipation for our visit. While waiting for our dinner reservation one night Carolyn and I ran down (no easy feat in the Mall of America) to Beadniks to check it out. Well.....we walked in and it was like the whole world stopped for a minute (well longer than a minute). I think I was vibrating I was so excited. Then, it happened....10 minutes into our fun we got a text that our table was ready and we needed to leave. I thought we were both going to cry. After MUCH convincing, we got Traci and Christi to go back after dinner. Needless to say we CLOSED the store and could have stayed all night long. We were found back at the store the next day where we purchased even more.....

Here are some of my purchases. See that dappling block--can I just say HEAVY! especially when returning on an airplane! So this is where our challenge began....
Challenge: Use anything we purchased at Beadniks and make something.....
We did this cool technique in the store with the Dappling Block with a penny. It was so easy and effortless in the store I couldn't wait to do it when I got home. Let's just say that it wasn't as easy and that you need to be able to see (thank you 40's eyes) and use a hammer (not my forte). We were told in the store that the pennies before 1983 work the best because of the copper content. Well before I dug into my husband's stash of those I decided to try a newer one--WRONG idea :(
Okay...on to the older pennies...
I have experience with metal stamping on chipboard but metal was a new game to me. Obviously, I need practice!
After I wrote my word I rubbed in some black paint and wiped away the excess.
 We were introduced to this little teeny jewelry cleaning cloth at the store. Well it may be teeny but it does a HUGE job on the metal!
Now, what to make....I used a old Making Memories safety pin and added some beads with the penny.
Then I made a bracelet from some of the other purchases I made. They had an incredible selection of chain that Carolyn and I stood over for quite some time. Below is my first completed piece. SO funny--the first thing that Carolyn and I went crazy for were the word sentiment link in my bracelet. We sat there and collected all the sayings. They were bent and perfect for a bracelet. Well, after we showed our friends they started laughing at us....why???? because they are Tim Holtz metal that they had just bended. Let's hear it for product placement! Needless to say, I have plenty of these in my stash and now even more that are bent :)
This is the next piece I made:
But....then I decided to stray from the penny.
To say that I am thrilled with my new bracelet is an understatement.
 It is simple and SO me!
As a matter of fact, I am wearing it right this minute as I write this!
I hope I have inspired you with what I made.
Now it's time to go over to Carolyn's Blog and check out what she came up with!

*****UPDATED!!!!! I just took a look at Carolyn's project--I cannot believe that she--WAIT!!! I cannot tell you...go see you won't be dissappointed!!!


  1. So I should be helping the kids get ready for school or getting myself ready for work- but no- I am here loving your post! I love jumping out of bed to see what you made on our Mondays! This is so perfect- I can see it on your wrist!! Now, how am I supposed to focus on work when all I want to do is make these bracelets? I wonder how well this works with other coins- especially foreign ones from travel...I will just have to experiment after work today!

  2. wow, what inspiration you have shared, love those pennies, hmmmmm. I gave you a shout out on my blog as I did one of the Mustache Wands yesterday, oh they are tooooo stinkin cute, thanks for all the inspiration, hugs

  3. Very cool stuff! Just when I thought I had enough craft supplies...

  4. Awww... I see you went to Brave Girls Camp! Me too! I absolutely Love your BRAVE bracelet! Very cool and very inspiring! Thanks so much! BG Love to you!


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