Monday, September 10, 2012

Artsy Fartsy Friendly Fun!

While my friend, Carolyn, and I were at CREATE Chicago together we had an idea. I could explain it to you, but instead, here is a poem that Carolyn's fabulous husband wrote for us to explain it to you...our hope is to inspire you and show you how we both use the same elements to make something completely different.

Artsy Fartsy Friendly Fun

A story of friends, two young artists at heart
Inspired together, though so far apart

Maria just loved to Believe Dream Create
A Colorful Journey was Carolyn’s fate

They arted their artiness each other week
And found that a challenge is what they would seek

So then they decided that it would be fun
To both do a challenge -- and do the same one!

A painting palooza!  A stencil sensation!
A wonderful, colorful, co-llaberation!

The challenge was chosen and neither could wait
To see what their wonderful friend would create

The paint started flying; the spray-ink did too
And stencils and pencils and glitter and glue

And when it was over, I’m sure you can guess 
That one thing that both of them made was a mess

A beautiful mess, which is how you can know
You’re properly using your art studio

So please check it out, because now that they’re done
It’s artsy and fartsy and friendly and fun!
We each bought the Dancing Girls Stencil from Coffee Break Designs and our idea came alive!
Then two more elements were added.
Carolyn added ribbon and I added music...

As you can see from the above photo, I decided to re-purpose an old book for my journal for these challenges. I used some Golden Gesso and then painted the page blue. With the Crafter's Workshop Layered Beads Stencil by Balzar Design's I sprayed the page with spray ink from Lindy's Stamp Gang.
Next, I cut a piece of patterned music paper into a circle and using the Coffee Break Design's Dancing Girls Stencil as a mask instead of a stencil, I randomly placed each of the girls around the circle.
I then hand cut a circle into the paper and added some ribbon (which I will be talking about in a future post) to the main base so that it would show through.
I then used the Dancing Girls Stencil as a actual stencil with black paint to put a focal image into the circle.
After adhering the music paper to the base page I again used the Layered Beads Stencil to add the red circles around the image. I used some masking tape on the stencil so I only got the images I wanted.
Then, for me, the fun began--the details. This is the part I love to do the most.

I hope you enjoyed how I used my supplies. 
Please leave me a comment if you enjoyed it and would like to see more of these challenges with Carolyn.
She has her project all ready for you. 
Please go HERE and see the fun she had with the challenge.


  1. Best Monday morning ever Maria! I love what you did! For some reason I just want to turn on the tunes and dance. My sleeping kids won't mind it a bit if I blast some of that retro music I love (from the 80's- it shouldn't be called retro yet should it?) I never would have thought to use the stencil (which I own and love- shocking that we own some of the same stencils, he he he)as a border on a circle. I may have "borrow" that idea!

  2. Maria! I love this creativity...and on a Monday too!! Thank you for sharing- it brings my back to the Art Table for sure.

  3. Maria you and Carolyn are the BEST, You are so CREATIVE. You go girl

  4. I love this! You and Carolyn are great apart and fantastic together. Props to you both!

  5. YOU SO ROCK!! Thanks for sharing your creative process! (Mindy B)

  6. A collaboration between friends is the best, it stirs the juices and brings the mojo right to the top, great sharing, thanks and hugs

  7. Wow, so completely different yet just as wonderful as your friend's.

  8. Beautiful page! Love the circles and bold colors. So glad to find you from Carolyn's blog.

  9. So much fun here! I'm coming over from Carolyn's I'm going over to your friend's blog to see what she did in the challenge.

  10. I just put it together that it was the two of you that did the challenge!! What fun. You and Carolyn make a great team.

  11. I love your blog Maria, and I love your jouraling. The stencils are awesome, and they look so good! I'm your newest follower, I'm not missing another thing. Michelle x


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