Sunday, July 1, 2012

On The Road...

This is the summer of looking to the future in many ways in my family. With two teenagers that are going to be a senior and junior in High School this year the time has come to start visiting colleges--looking to the future. Unfortunately, I'm not dealing with this too well and spend most of my time crying once we get to one of the locations which I will never live down. I can't help it, it just happens....I'm sad to move onto this next chapter in our lives. This also hasn't left much time for crafting this summer so far, but I'll be posting projects here and there. 
I'm making some changes in my life too. 
Change = a GOOD thing.

Colleges we have visited so far:

 Colleges still on the visit list this summer: (I'm sure a few more will be added)

The other thing I can't believe I didn't post about.....
Jim and I celebrated 25 years of marriage on June 21!
WOW! I can't believe it...and you know what I love him more than ever, I even like him :) We decided not to do anything special (college to pay for) but we will. Even though I told him not to get me anything he still brought me 25 roses...they were beautiful!
Here's to 25 more!!


  1. Congrats on 25 years...that's a big thing nowadays. My daughter is going into 2nd year son will be starting his first in the fall. I can't believe it...time flies. Lee-Ann :)

  2. Oh, hang in there Maria!!! ;) You guys have covered the whole country, from coast to coast it sounds like!!! ;) Congratulations on your anniversary, may you have 25 more happy years!!! (Super cute new blog look too!!)


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