Sunday, May 6, 2012

Precious Goat...Precious Sister....

I received some Happy Mail yesterday from my sister. She sent me one of the beautiful necklaces that she hand knots. This one is made from Tumbled Hematite. I have been having a few hot flashes lately and let me tell you this is the perfect necklace for that. The stones are so cool to the touch. I felt instantly cooler the minute I put it on!

You can check out all the beautiful necklaces she makes in her Precious Goat Etsy store.


  1. beautiful and I am sure it enhances all your beauty, hugs

  2. Beautiful necklace; how nice of her.--Pat N.

  3. Her hand knotting is wonderful- any time I have tried it I can never get them that tightly together. It has such great shapes to the beads- no wonder you love it!


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