Sunday, April 8, 2012

Don't Throw Away Those Scraps!

Thought I'd share some scraps of paper with you :)
Last week I was making some custom background papers for a online class I'm doing (Letter Love with Joanne Sharpe) with some new spray inks and stencils I bought. Which led to using all the different spray inks and stencils I have and a whole bunch of FUN! I used 9" x 12"  watercolor paper. After I cut the sheets down for what I needed I noticed all the scraps sitting there and fell in love! I may never buy pattern paper again--okay well maybe not never but WOW! 
No one else will ever have the same piece as me!
That's what I call getting inspiration from myself!

Photo's taken from my phone.


  1. Wow, Maria! These are so pretty! How about I just send my scraps on to YOU and you can work your magic on them? :)

  2. awww the power of paper to mesmerize, start the creative flow, I do treasure my scraps also, enjoy, hugs

  3. No kidding nobody's going to have the same paper as you! These look terrific Maria, look at all that color---wow!!!


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