Friday, March 9, 2012

My Pink Stamper Pink-alicious Blog Hop....March

****Giveaway Now CLOSED*****

Welcome to the My Pink Stamper Blog Hop!
If you arrived here from Alex's Blog you are on the right track. If you just are visiting why not join in and go back to the beginning of the hop and hop along with us.

So....I guess you want to see a project, LOL!
Well, sad to say....but life got in my way and I don't have one to show you.
BUT........I thought as long as you made it all the way to the end of the hop I would give you a chance to win a My Pink Stamper Itty Bitty-licious Stamp Set.

All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me what your dream stamp set or product is from My Pink Stamper. Something she doesn't have and you would love. You will need to leave me 3 ideas to be eligible for the prize and you will have until Monday, March 12th @ 10PM Central to leave the comment. I will be posting the winner on Tuesday, March 13th so please make sure you come back and see if you are the winner.

Now make sure you go back to My Pink Stamper and join in the challenge with us!

Blog Hop List


  1. Happy to visit --- project or not. Life does happen, while your busy doing other things---
    Have a good night thanks for the opportunity to win ROBYN's amazing stamps.

    DIANA L.

  2. Thanks for all you do for us Maria -- {{big hugs}} -- just being YOU is all we need. lol
    Take a breather and settle down….there is always next month….and the next…and next….LOL -- ok I'll quit now. hehehe

  3. This is my first (but not last) blog hop and I'm soooo happy I've joined in. I love Robyn's stamps, but don't have any, yet. I just love everything she does!


    Thanks for letting me hop along!

  4. Love MPS stamps!!! I would love if she made a larger script sentiment stamp set with stamp frames for the various sentiments. Thanks so much!

  5. You are so great Maria!! Just wanted to leave you some love :)

  6. I so hear you about life being crazy! I'm shocked when I'm able to whip out a card in the craziness! Enjoy some family time. Thank you for the opportunity for one of Robin's stamps - they're awesome!

  7. Sorry we are not able to see your creativity this time. I like all of Robyn's stamps even though I don't have any of them at this time.

  8. I am watching, and I am laughing, but I can't get in chat. Courtney is adorable and we share the same last name. I am so hungry , but I don't want to miss anything
    hugs, DIANA L.

  9. Wow I've got so many ideals now. Happy to have one more blog to visit!

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  11. I thought of stamps I wanted this week, but now I don't remember......oh I needed a stamp that said Vacation. So a vacation type of stamp set would be great.


  12. Humm.... Well I would love for her to create dies, background stamps and maybe her own ribbon?!?! thanks for the chance to win!!
    Kristan (follower)
    sierrababy08 at hotmail dot com

  13. I'd love to see her design punches, die sets or pattern paper! And I'd really love to win this stamp set...I don't have any of hers yet!!

  14. Thank you for all the hard work you do for Robyn! I know she has no end of appreciation and love for you. Take care!! :)

    P.S. I would love to see some cutting dies, a LDS cricut cartridge, and matching stamp set from Robyn. :P

  15. Love the Itty Bitty stamp set, have to get this one. Three ideas for MPS - wold like to see background stamps, and stamps with matching dies, also a stamp press and acrylic blocks (in pink!). Thanks for the chance to win. lflinesatcomcastdotnet

  16. Thanks for all you do to help out Robyn and her team! My favorite sets...oh goodness there are so many. I love the Punny sets and the Phrases. Ideas that I would love from Robyn are...1)Background stamps 2) Her own line of Ribbon in her favorite style and colors and then 3)Patterned Paper in her favorite style and colors too :). Thanks again Maria!!

  17. Hmmm... I think it would be great if she could do some background stamp sets...especially the kind that are the blocks of words. I think it'd be great if she had a stamp set that was all about "Light", so phrases like you light up my life or you're a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Phrases that could go with lamp or sun images. Also think it would be great if she did a set of frame and journaling block stamps. Thanks for the chance to win the giveaway.

  18. What I love about Robyn's stamps is that they are all sentiments. I hope she doesn't move away from that because that is what makes her sets so unique. She is my go to for sentiments!

    I would like to see an all girls set, butterfly and blooms sentiments, and a BBQ-block-luau party set. An outdoors/nature set would be cool too.

    Email dot sophienme at

  19. Maria,
    Just got off the Hop...what fun. Love all of Robyn's stamps. The Christmas and Biggie sets are my favorite.
    I would love to see (1)Face stamps that would go with Cricut images. I know PK has them, but no one else does. (2) more Biggie sets and background stamps that may go with some of the Cricut images. (3rd)Full Sentiment Sets for inside the card.
    Thanks for a chance to give input and would love to win Robyn's stamps...thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Hope you have a great weekend and thanks for a fun night at the Hop.

    Dee B

  20. I wouuld love to see dies, a tennis stamp set, and a spring themed stamp set!

    owlbecraftin at gmail dot com

  21. Well, I couldn't really tell you what my dream stamp would be because I am not familiar at all with the stamps you mentioned on my pink stamper but if I wanted a dream stamp it would be of a Moose. I love Moose. I think they are so adorable. Hugs, francine

  22. I love Robyn's Biggie Christmas Set. So glad you asked about what I'd like to see from Robyn. For stamp sets, I'd like to see longer quotes/sentiments for inside of cards, a sympathy stamp set and an Easter stamp set.

    For other products I'd like to see Robyn conquer, I'd like to see her come out with Cuttlebug embossing folders (since she loves her Cuttlebug so much!), ribbon, paper and ink that coordinate together and with her stamps, and maybe some storage solutions for craft supplies.

    Thanks for the chance to give my suggestions! Thanks for the chance to win too!

  23. I love ALL of Robyn's stamps!! :D If I could I'd have every set!!
    Hi Maria!! (((HUGS)))

  24. I LOVE all of her stamps but love-alious is so sweet~
    I also love your blog, you are so creative TFS!!!!

  25. I love all my pink stamper stamp sets. I would say a Dream Stamp of mine would be something related to video games. Since my husband loves video games, I always want to create a fun card with a stamp saying describing video games. Another stamp set idea would be sentiments for date nights or movie night parties. Last idea on stamps could be stamp images of things that take place in the year such as holidays, themes, animals. Hope they all made since. Thanks for the great giveaway.

    creativediva98 at gmail dot com

  26. I love all of Robyn's stamps, but I don't have a use for every single stamp. I think my favorites are the pun stamps! Those are just too cute! As far as products I'd like to see from Robyn...I think sentiment stamps for inside cards would be awesome. I think face stamps for some of the cartdridges would be awesome! I think puns to go with the Disney cartridges would be great too!

    Great questions!

    queen_lade at

  27. I love all of the stamp sets. I think a set to go along with Alice in Wonderland stamps would be great. Also, I would love to see a set for childhood cancer and one with a Music theme.

  28. As everyone has mentioned and as we all know ...all of Robyn's stamps ROCK! I would love to see the following three stamp sets:
    1. Sayings from the 80s (I love the 80s and would just get a kick to see all the crazy sayings from that time in a stamp set)
    2. Work Place Stamp set (because we are always joking around at work saying "Hold Please" or "Take a Number"
    3. Scripture set (It would be awesome to have a biblical quote set to use for encouragement, sympathy, or just everyday cards and projects)

    Thanks so much for asking! Have a fab weekend!

  29. I Love Your Blog Hop project!
    I think it would be cool if she would do like a "favorite" stamp set or the best of mypinkstamper stamps!


  30. I would love a great Christmas stamp set because I love Christmas and have no stamp set for it. One thing I would love to see is how to videos on 3D projects. You did not mention what kind of ideas you wanted. So, my 1st idea is a project I just finished and will be using for this hop using the cauldron in Happy Haunting cart. for the pot of gold(cut off excess pieces). 2nd is also from the same project, making little circles, embossing them and using them as gold coins. 3rd use any old box and with paper trimmer cut out and make standing calender.
    Great card.

  31. three stamp sets i would like to see would be:

    1. mixed up letters and numbers
    2. retro sayings
    3. a music stamp set.

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

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  33. I just stopped by to say this hop may have been the best yet! I thoroughly enjoyed the projects :)

  34. I sooooo understand my friend :) and what a great time it was tonight hopping live :) thanks for all you do !

  35. Most of the time I leave the inside of my cards blank, I would love to see stamps with longer sentiments to use on the inside.

  36. I would love to see:set of all owl punnies, food punnies and maybe Easter and Valentine punnies would be neat. I guess you can tell that I love a good pun. Lee-Ann :)

  37. I like the punny stamps. What I would like to see Robyn make next are longer sentiments for the insides of cards, maybe some little images that go along with cute cricut cartridges, and maybe something with more grown up boy sentiments.
    kidshomelove at

  38. I love Robyn's unique way of getting all of us continually excited about creating. Thanks Robyn.

    I would love to see Robyn create:
    1) a coffee themed set to go with "love you a latte" with both sentiments and backgrounds
    2) Food themed set to go with "Fast food Lite"
    3) Packaging with punches along the edge so we could purchase a pink binder and keep all of our pink stamps together


  39. My dream stamps, more scripture based stamps,an inside the card set,another long phrase set which would include something for each month's holiday.

  40. I love all Robyn's stamps. I would love to see her come out with:

    1. Stamp set featuring more boy themes.
    2. A line of her own ribbon.
    3. A video on making projects from Tags, Bags, Boxes & More 2.

    Thanks for the chance to win.


    cascrapper at gmail dot com

  41. Believe me I sure understand how life gets in the way. I love the fact that youhave given an opportunity to win this stamp set. Hope life gets a little less hectic for you and God Bless

  42. Hi. I love all of her stamps and it is hard to come up with anything else. If I really had to pick something it might be a stamp set with greetings for the inside of a card. Regina

  43. I am just getting back into scrapbooking after taking a break for about 5 years. So the my pink stamper sets are still pretty new to me so I must say I don't know what is on all of them. So I apologize if my ideas are already on a set somewhere.
    1. Dance themed set, My daughter is a competitive dancer and I have to say I have a hard time finding scrapbooking stuff now days. I can't even find patterned paper in a dance theme at hobby lobby. I think Robyn could come up with some super cute sayings though for dance
    2. I love the punnylicious sets and I think it would be cute to do some puns for holidays themes
    3. Maybe a set that includes some cute sayings for older kiddos. Teenage girls.

  44. Love all stamps but I would like to see stamps with designs as:
    3. Frames

    TFS!New Follower!!

  45. I know how life can get in the allergies are currently getting in the way of my life at the moment =-).

    Hmm three ideas...

    I'd love to see Robin come out with her own punches LOL.
    Stamp wise it's hard to say because she has so many great sets out already but, I'd have to say more masculine/boy sentiments.
    Third idea would have to be some card kits. I have some friends that aren't as patient with the crafting process and a simpler do-it-yourself would be great for them...Plus I can't always make them stuff all the time LOL, though I don't mind when I can.

  46. Thanks for the opportunity. I like the Spanish Saying. Thanks for share with us your ideas.

  47. Robyn has so many wonderful stamp sets!! And to think I don't own any of them - yet!!

    I would love to see a best of set - so a collection of her favorite stamps across them all. I'd also love to see more quote sentiments.

    Liking forward to seeing you back for the next hop!!


  48. Robyn has so many wonderful stamp sets!! And to think I don't own any of them - yet!!

    I would love to see a best of set - so a collection of her favorite stamps across them all. I'd also love to see more quote sentiments.

    Liking forward to seeing you back for the next hop!!


  49. Hmmm...3 ideas...I think it would be fun if she came out with some SVG's of her own. Her own Dies would be fun. And maybe some Cuttlebug folders or papers? If you were talking about stamp sets - then I would love one for adoptions, one for weather related stuff, and maybe one with some of her best of/or favorites! Thanks for a chance to win!

  50. hi maria, i do not have any ideas but wanted to stop to say hello :)

  51. 1. Dancing themed set. Like jazz, ballet, or tap terminology.
    2. Gymnastics themed set. Like tumble, tah dah, somersault, tuck and roll, handstands, etc.
    3. Shopping set. Like shop till you drop, if the shoe fits, buy it, etc.

  52. 1. Easter punnies stamps
    2. Summertime stamps
    3. image stamps with dies.

  53. Wow that is so generous of you to still have a giveaway - appreciated!!!

    I am a newer paper crafter so I have a lot to build up still. I can't say which is my favorite My Pinker Stamper set but I would love to see a set with a few sentiments for each holiday/occasion. It would probably end up being a huge set and thus a bit more expensive but it would get a newbie like me started!

    Pamela Duncan

  54. One with all her favorites!

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  55. No worries about not having a project for us this happens, and crafters understand that better than anybody lol!

    Hmmm...dream products from Robyn....that's a good one! I just today received 2 sets of hers in the mail I'd first EVER!! I'm so excited and can't wait to add even more to my collection.

    If we're talking products that we'd like to see her come out with that she doesn't have, some ideas are:

    1. Card kits. Sometimes we need a card in a hurry but don't have time to create one. A kit from Robyn containing all necessary materials to put together a quick, simple, amazing card would be a big hit!
    2. Line of ink pads in many different colors.
    3. An idea book. If she put together a book of projects she's made over the years, and/or ideas she has for projects, with a recipe for each project, it would see like hotcakes!!

    If we're talking 3 ideas for stamp sets that we would like to see from Robyn that she doesn't have, then:

    1. Baby's Milestones (rolling over, sitting up, first food, first bath, first steps, first tooth....etc etc!)
    2. Healthcare sentiments, like for nurses.
    3. Set devoted to pets (cats, dogs, hamsters, etc).

  56. Thanks for the chance to win!
    My favorite stamp set I would love to get would the the Biggie Punnies. (Who doesn't love punnies) I also like Font-tabulous and Spectacular Sayings.

    I would like to see some stamps on winter sports and summer sports.. like skiing, snowboarding, boating, water skiing, wakeboarding, etc.

  57. I would love to see more "pun" stamps. I sort of get off on those. LOL! Would also like to see Robyn's products sold at Michael's or JoAnn's in the midwest. Two more themes for stamps would be teacher phrases and sympathy/get well topics.

  58. Thanks for the chance to win!

    Love the Encourage Me stamp set.
    Would like a stamp set on Scouting, both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.
    A set for Auto Repair theme.
    Hot rod theme

  59. I would love any of Robyn's ....-licious stamps I have only one so far.. my dream stamp, if ever... would be one of XXXX (yup.. that many) lol I would love a martial arts for taekwondo that has all the words they use and then a fun stamp set for kids with Autism.. or just sayings! TFS :)

  60. My dream product by Robyn, is more stuff for sympathy cards. I like the one she has but I am finding the need for them more and more. I would love to see her stuff carried in my LSS. Thanks!

  61. Here are my 3 ideas . . . 1. A scottish themed stamp set. 2. A set with fishing and auto repair phrases because to use when I make my hubby his cards and what not. 3. A set with popular movie quotes.

  62. I would LOVE to have this stamp set! It has a little of everything. I have had so much fun with these blog hops, thanks so much. We do understand that sometimes you just don't have time. I would love to see more fun-pun stamps, more scrapbook layouts and maybe some ideas on home decor.

  63. I would love to see some Bible verses, especially from the Psalms. It would also be great to have a whole set of various "thank you" related stamps, especially with several fonts and sizes. Sets for pet themes would also be fantastic.
    And - to anyone who doesn't have any of Robyn's stamps, the quality really is as good as she says. They stamp beautifully.

  64. I would love to have some Bible verses too, some encouraging sentiments for someone who is going through bad times, and my sister is a nurse as well as a few friends and I would love to have some cute quotes to make cards for them, and my other sister is a professional baker and I would love more sentiments for that. But I LOVE all of Robyns' stamps and wish I could get them all. Thank you for the chance to win!

  65. Hi Maria! Just wanted to say hello and that I miss you tons!! XOXO, Julie. :0)

  66. Hi Maria,

    Sorry life got in the way. My husband loves cupcakes so I'd love to see some Cupcake punnies as well as some for St Patty's Day and Easter.

    Hope to see you soon.

  67. So totally understand about being busy and time just flying. Three things I would LOVE to see Mypinkstamper to have is stamps where you can stamp on the face of some of the cuts, so of fave cuts are so small and hard to work with. A way to keep her stamps organized, and some animal saying especially barnyard animals, yes I am a farmer :)

  68. love this blog hop, I new to this so I don't know if u already have these stamps already! But I think you need more group phase for Birthdays, Christmas and Valentines! More stamps with animals or people! And things for making people happy!

  69. Just finished the hop! I would like to see one with long sentiments for the insides of cards, Sympathy for pets, and the happy birthday song as a background stamp!

  70. love the my pink stamper sets!!!! still collecting and trying to use each and every one...Thanks for sharing your blog and ideas!

  71. Happy St. Patrick's Day! I did not get to hop in time for giveaway.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"


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