Thursday, January 26, 2012

Life Book Assignment 3.....

Week three's assignment in Life Book was to pick two Goddess' that represent you. The light and the dark. We could have taken that anyway we wanted. I struggled with figuring out which ones were "me". Finally after much research, quizzes and thought I decided on Athena and Persephone. I won't bore you with the reasons why I picked them.....
We had to make a drawing and try some cross hatching....Faces, not my strong point......and my husband confirmed that by telling me that he is sure I will get better as the class goes on after he looked at it.

Actually the drawing came out of my head WAY faster than the choice of Goddess'. I added details in the picture that are symbols of each Goddess. The background was fun to do. We were instructed on how to do a shaving cream/ink technique. I'm warning you...not for the person that doesn't like a mess. I, however, do :) If you are interested in learning how to do it just search in YouTube for a shaving cream background technique and you will find many videos.

I will say, that this was not my first attempt. I kept trying new ones until I got the technique to work to my liking.  I used India Inks for the color (blue/black/gold).


  1. This is really neat. I love the Book you have been working on also. Great blog!

  2. wow maria, i think you are doing great. i like both and the second one is so nice. it is a face, right? i never did that shaving cream technique. it sounds like fun.
    keep it up and learn lots so you can teach me, :D

  3. Wow Maria, this is just stunning. Your drawing is incredible, and that background is just gorgeous!

  4. Your journal is spectacular in my opinion, I can't draw for beans and the shaving cream image is such a cool idea, really will have to check that technique out.

    Thank you for sharing the amazing photos.

    Hugs, Lori m


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