Sunday, October 2, 2011

I forgot....Homecoming.......

How could I forget.....Homecoming was a week ago yesterday and I forgot to post the pictures.....well, there was probably a few reasons why.....shhhhhhhhh.....don't tell Alexx I posted these. Unfortunately, her date didn't go as well as planned--and there was ALOT of planning. I think you can see it in her face. She just wasn' the saying goes....that into him....
 On the other hand, Casey had a very good time at his first dance EVER!
I couldn't believe he actually went....happy and sad all at the same time.....guess he is growing up--yes he is the oldest.
this is my favorite picture........
my two kids.....who I can't believe are this old.....
now she is smiling and he isn't--well his "fake" smile anyway. If you look at the picture of him and his date you will see the "real" smile :)
Life.....trying to enjoy every moment.....


  1. Hi Maria, she looks beautiful and he looks very handsome!! TFS

  2. Your kids are beautiful. Gorgeous dress!

  3. Awwww! what beautiful young ones they are, I soooo remember those days with both my young ones. Your DD is just stunning in that dress and I understand the smile thing all to well lol!

  4. honestly, you are blessed with the most fabulous kids! I might have had some if I'd been guaranteed they'd turn out like yours. xxD

  5. These are wonderful pictures Maria! Her dress is gorgeous....I saw my fair of the good, the bad and the "oh my" at our school last night! You have two fantastic kiddos there!!! :)

  6. the pics are really nice. you have beautiful kids. so he is the older and the first one leaving you, uh?
    i did not know because my son being in the band and liking to be all over did not miss any party, prom, homecoming and whatever else was going on. LOL


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