Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Fun Weekend.....

This past weekend I spent some creative time with Guest Teacher, Linda Cain, at Creative Cuts and Crafts. I love Linda and her work and was excited to see what she came up with. We walked around CHA together as she was picking papers for these projects. If you would like to see what I made when Linda was in town back in April you can see it HERE.

Friday night we made this:
Saturday, we had two classes:
 Yes, that is me and Jim when we were younger in this project :)
I was scrambeling Friday night when I came home to find some pictures. How come they are never easy to find when you need them. I ended up settleing for these in the end and actually loved the outcome.
The best part about the weekend??? 
I got to spend some quality time with Patty. 
My friends, Linda and Claudia, of course, were there too running the activities. 
Thanks to Linda Cain for coming back to us! 
LOVED it!!!!!


  1. Wow, that's just breathtakingly beautiful!

  2. I wanna come play with you guys! Honestly Maria! You go to some of the neatest classes and make some of the most FABULOUS projects. LOVE the childhood photos of you and hubby. Such WONDERFUL stuff! I'm soooo jealous! xxD

  3. OMG! You make my heart sing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous, breathtaking work! Thanks so much for sharing the great pics...

    Your Friend in ART,

  4. I am with Donna - I wanna come play too! You projects are gergeous! I too am sooo jealous!!! Glad you had fun!!!

    xx Susan

  5. Marai these projects are incredible, I'm sure your classes were fantastic!!

  6. I love love the standing curio and the 2 childhood pictures of you and your husband. I think this would be a neat gift for my parents to do something like this. You are so very talented.

  7. I was at the class Friday night but couldn't make Saturday and seeing your end products... WOW! I am really SICK that I couldn't make it. Your's turned out stunningly! What type of metallic pen did you use to add highlights? That's the perfect finishing touch. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Really, really fantastic pieces! Just love your touch on these projects!


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