Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Worth EVERY penny.......

I decided that today I was going to do something "I" wanted to do.......so I messed around in my art journal all afternoon and boy did I have a good time :) I have to say a good day is a day with paint on my hands. My son has even come home before and thought I had accidents before with red paint all down my hands and arms. So anyway.....I had bought a Ranger Craft Scrubbie a while back but never used it. It is for getting the paint and other mediums off your hands. Well let me tell you my hands were covered with dried on paint! I thought what the heck--I'll try it! Well let me tell you I would pay double, triple for this little thing. It is FANTASTIC!!! I don't know who enjoyed it more, me with my hands or my stencils that also got a bath. So I guess what my point is--if you ever wondered if it worked! YES--go get one!!!


  1. Your project looks great! I'm also your newest follower. :)

    You're more than welcome to stop by my blog and enter for a chance to win some blog candy!


  2. WOW! Your project is great. I will have to invest in one of those craft scrbbies, sounds like a great item.
    Cindy Lou

  3. WOW!! thanks for sharing with us!! I had no idea there was such a thing:0 definitely nice to know:) TFS

  4. Thanks for the tip. I wonder if it works when you're painting walls in a house? I'll get one when I have the opportunity. Glad you had a fun day doing what you wanted.

  5. Oooh! I love the sneek peek at your journal my creative Diva, must see more :) and thank you for the Scrubbie review I was wondering about that and you know I'm just as mess with my creation lol!!! this will come in handy so I don't have to worry about going around with colorful hands :)

  6. Yay! I LOVE reviews!! I'm going to have to put this on my "must have" list. And your Art Journal is gorgeous...love the vibrant colors!!

  7. Gosh, maybe that's what I need! Looks like fabulous pages, Maria. xxD

  8. tfs! i will have to look for them.
    have you ever tried that embossing buddy? i have been tempted to buy one but not sure if it really works. i hate when i get tiny dots with my embossing, grrr. makes me MAD! hehe


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