Saturday, April 23, 2011


I have gotten quite a few emails and comments about how I get my red eggs SO red, LOL!
I just finished this batch today. First it is no ordinary dye. We have special Greek red dye. If you have a Greek grocery store or Mediterranean store in your area check there. Otherwise, I'm sure it can be found online somewhere. From past experiences I can tell you that it is near impossible to just get the color from typical red Easter egg dye or baking dyes. Second...after watching my entire life people do own personal little trick which I came up with myself by mistake--use brown eggs to start. It makes the process SO much easier. And...third, how do we get them shiny??? Olive Oil of course :)
I thought I'd share another tradition that we have for Easter since I just finished making those too. We make Easter Cookies. You can see they look very similar to the Greek Easter bread that I talked about.

These are my dad's FAVORITE cookies. They are called Koulourakia. There are some very funny stories in my family with these cookies. I'll share one with you....My Grandma (YaYa)  was know for always having a stash somewhere. One year, while on vacation, we were at Bush Gardens in California--about 8 of us. She pulled a bag out of her purse and everyone started dipping them in the beer they were drinking. You see....they are the most incredible cookie to dunk in your whatever, LOL! I had my kids go drive these over to my dad today for a taste test. I got a GOLD star :) But...I did get the story on the phone about how my YaYa put chocolate chips in them one year which to my dad is just sacrilegious. I have heard this story a million times!!! Why are they different shapes??? There are a very few traditional shapes like the ones on the left, but it is tradition in my family to make the ones on the right. My maiden name starts with a "S"--hence the tradition.

In other news.....not too much creating being done except the cooking kind...I have been very busy the last two weeks teaching Copic classes. I did 4 big ones and it took most of my free time to get them together. Free Time!!!! What is that????

Patty, Linda and I started a collage class on Monday's about 3 weeks ago. It is really fun to branch out and do the things I love! Except....I have a very hard time getting my homework done...not setting a good example for my kids. I spend a lot of time these days on My Pink Stamper paperwork with the Design Team. WOW! What incredible women I get to play with.....but with 20 it gets a little crazy sometimes....LOL! My computer gets a workout :)

I'm getting ready to go to North Carolina in a few weeks with Traci to Donna Downey's Inspired Event and am SO excited. Pure, messy, creative fun!!!
And....I wanted to share a gift I received yesterday from a very special friend.....she is SO appreciated in my life!
I hope you all have a very Blessed Easter!


  1. Those red eggs are beautiful! I have not seen them before, but will be asking someone who lives in the city to look for the red dye. Can you dye other things with it???

  2. I'm not sure if you can dye other things with it--I've never tried, LOL! I do know that I have VERY red hands right now and as they boil they send a very fine mist of red all through the kitchen even with the lid on :)

  3. maybe you can bottle that red mist for paper crafting, lol. just kidding...i had to be bad and say it. hehe

    all looks really nice...cookies are my fav- wink!

  4. Those are amazing....they look like little jewels! Sounds like your a busy lady..!

  5. I wanna come to YOUR house on Easter! These look YUMMY! Happy Easter, Maria! xxD

  6. Happy Easter to you and your family my friend, I love the stories and what wonderful traditions :)


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