Saturday, February 26, 2011

Welcome Home Sign....

I have been SUPER busy lately, but managing to get in some simple projects I need to get done. The other day my mom told me that her neighbor was coming home finally after a 100 day in-hospital stay for treatment for leukemia. He had a bone marrow transplant and had to be isolated for all that time. I asked my mom the next day if she would like me to make a sign for him and his wife welcoming them home. She told me that her and another neighbor already went to the store and bought a poster board and some streamers and didn't know what they were going to do with them--but she was sure the hardware store had some letter stickers she could use!!!! Ummmm.... know that little machine I play with all the time that you always are asking me "Are you making something AGAIN...??" Yes, mom I could probably make a letter sticker with that machine for you.....she went on to tell me it was too much trouble, etc. etc. Well 15 minutes, yes I timed it, 15 minutes later I made her this....
It looks small in this picture, but it is actually 14" x 24". It really couldn't have gotten any easier. But..the great thing about it aside from doing something nice for someone--I found a font I didn't know I have!! The one I used for Bob & Betty/We Missed You is from the Cricut Lite Lovely Floral cartridge. I just LOVE it!! Of course, my son was the first one to point out that I put the "W" in we backwards. I told him that's because I'm just a little backwards, LOL! So....yes mom, I can make you anything you want!

Welcome = Lacy Labels @ 10"
Home welded on (there are 2 I removed one in hide contour on the Gypsy = Lovely Floral @ 3.65"
Bob & Betty/We Missed You = Lovely Floral @ 4.15" & 2.0"
The green pattern paper is from a K & Co. 12" x 24" stack from Michaels.
Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. Hi Maria!!
    I LOVE your sign!! And I KNOW Bob & Betty will too! What a nice thing to come to. I also LOVE all your cards you posted before this. All your work is awesome! I finally started a blog, so I can enter challenges & stuff. It's been a little slow going, (I'm NOT computer savvy!)but there have been so many encouraging & helpful people in this blogging world! I think I LOVE it! Hope you can "hop" by to say "Hi!"
    Hugs from R.I.,

  2. How pretty! I love that font...and wouldn't you know's a cartridge I don't have! Won't hubby be happy to hear that? LOL!! Great job!!

  3. Lol!!! Maria, thats just fabulous with your Mother saying go to the hardware store for some sticker letters, I really like that font very simple and elegant I am a font girl lol! Just wonderful that you were able to helpout and make their return home a wonderful event. :)

  4. did i tell you how pretty this frame came out and that i love it. i do not have that cart and i am on a budget right now but the font is beautiful and different. very pretty!
    thanks for sharing and i hope you had a great weekend :)

  5. This sign is so darling! I have been meaning to make a "No Soliciting" sign and this was just what I needed for the inspiration! Thank you!! XOXO, Julie. :0)


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