Saturday, February 5, 2011

Turn-A-Bout.....Take ONE!

Tonight was the first installment of Turn-A-Bout. If you read my posts from Homecoming back in the beginning of the school year you would have seen that Alexandria's friends all got split into two High Schools this year so the end result is they go to TWO of every dance. This first one is the "other" High School.
I took about 150 I'm not going to bore you with all of them.
So why doesn't Alexandria have a date????
Well if you look in the first picture her boyfriend Shyam is in the picture but this time he isn't her boyfriend.....they broke up and one of her best friends (yeah sure...) asked him to the dance...nice friend, huh???!!!! No pressure there.....
I give her credit--even with no date she she wanted to go!
All I have to say is......
I LOVE you Alexx!


  1. So very Beautiful she is, and what a stong young lady already. I remember the up and down days with my DD when she was in high school and the "friends" that would come and then go. I think its awesome two shool dances, and I love the dress :)

  2. Your daughter is a goddess! No man deserves her and all the girls are just jealous. I can see why you needed that image. xxD


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