Friday, February 4, 2011

Family....that's what it is all about to me!

Did you know that My Pink Stamper just released a new set of Spanish Phrases? It is called Spanish Sayings and this is what it looks like--
I don't speak Spanish....and have been explaining that to people all my life, LOL! I guess the name Maria and my features = Spanish speaking....I am Greek :) But, I have to tell you that my husband, kids and I had the greatest "family" hour figuring out what all these two High Schooler's are taking Spanish and my husband speaks a few words like "Open your mouth, I'm going to stick a tube down your throat"....for work. It was a very loud, pull out the laptops, iPhones anything to see who could figure it out first! Thanks Robyn--that was a fun time :) Okay...back to my project!
 When I saw the word family I somehow thought of my Car Decals Cartridge that I have never used yet. I cut each of the family members out at 2 inches except for the dog which I cut at 1.5 inches. The card base is one from Birthday Bash @ 6". It will fit into a business size envelope. I wanted to keep this super simple to reflect my feeling of Family is everything to me....can you guess which one is me?? Yes, it's the one with the purse, I think she is going shopping....who would have guessed??

To add a little interest to the background, I embossed the front of the card with the Plum Blossoms Cuttlebug Embossing Folder and used some pens to color in some of the embossing.

I embossed the sentiment with red embossing powder and then did a quick swipe of my black marker as seen in the picture above.

Spanish Speaking or not--I'm really loving this set! You can go find out how you can order one HERE.


  1. Maria, you are so funny. I am glad Robyns new set gave your family good entertainment. I would have never thought you didn't speak mexican. Oh, well I can speak more than alot of my Mexican friends. Anyways...I love how you made your family on this card. Great job.

    Simple Creations

  2. Lol!!!! Maria you just crack me up lol!!! I get the same kind of reaction from people when they hear my name and that I am from the hills of West Virgina they think I brew moonshine lol!! Love the creation very fun and that cartridge is great still on the wish list, the embossing with the touch of markers is fabulous, I am so glad that your family had a great time with the stamp set thanks for the inspiration :)

  3. I love this, Maria! I have the Spanish set too and I'm trying to think of some ideas. I'm definitely on my own when it comes to translating!1 I took 5 years of Spanish in high school and college but apparently I don't remember much! ;)

  4. Love what you did with Robyn's new set. I am still brain storming what I will do with mine.

  5. Great set (although I think it should be diva pequena instead of the other way around). I was originally a Spanish major in college. LOL LOVE your card! Been dying to use that cart. Of course I knew which one was you! xxD


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