Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Don't Be Shocked...

I'm going to take a few days off from the "Cricut World"...need to do something that has been pushed aside for three weeks now...I was SO excited to start my Soul Restoration class at Brave Girls. I have been looking forward to it for months.....but, of course, it started--life was in the way and I kept pushing it aside...yesterday I decided I NEEDED to stop "life stuff" that will still be there and work on ME...I will show you the cover of my journal, but I will be keeping the rest of the projects private--just for me. I'm planning on working on this today too...we are expecting TONS of snow and I'm not going anywhere :-)
I'll be back tomorrow with another project from my non-Cricut life....
 The book started off as just a "raw" canvas 2-ring book. I painted, Mod Podged, Stamped, etc.... to make it "mine"....
 PS...if you look close you might still see a little Cricut in there :-)


  1. You dig in and restore and revive and we will hold you in our thoughts and welcome you back when you are ready. Hugs

  2. Wow, gaw-jus. Couldn't resist the cricut, could you.
    Hmmm, cricut and mod-podge - this'll be interesting.

  3. Wow life without Cricut? hehe!
    I'm about ready for one of those breaks to!

  4. Oh WOW Maria! This is just fabulously gorgeous! Looks so vintage. I love it! Snowed in yet? xxD

  5. Oh my gosh, Maria...this is just GORGEOUS!!!! I am just in awe of your talent.


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