Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It Was "SEW" Easy....

I had a weird day yesterday. I was sort of crabby for no reason, didn't feel like doing anything or talking to anyone. I finally went up in my scrapbook room to try to snap myself out of it. Well, I, of course was greeted by a HUGE mess--nothing new there. I cleaned up a little and decided it was time to try the one of the MULTIPLE new products just sitting on (and around) my desk that I haven't used yet.

When I was at CHA in July I saw this product by We R Memory Keepers and knew immediately that I had to have it. I don't know why--I just did. The Sew Easy. I got it a few months ago  and never tried it out so I thought I would and show you the results.

I'm pretty sure that I got all the heads that are available right now for it and decided to do a sample to see what each one looked like after stitched.

Basically you just put the head on you want to use and roll it over the cardstock. I did get the mat for the system, but basically I think a piece of fun foam would work the same. As you roll the head across the paper it makes perfectly aligned holes in the paper for you to stitch with. Here is a close-up of the different heads:
I really liked the system. It sort of brought me back to my old cross stitch days. My husband walked in and thought I was nuts--he said "You have a sewing machine right next to you that does decorative stitches, why would you do that?" I told him basically because it was a fun and different diversion. And....because usually I can't find my sewing machine or get close enough to it on my desk, LOL! 

Was there anything I didn't like about the system? Yes:
  1. I had trouble keeping my "rolling" straight and with my somewhat anal personality it upset me. I do think with a little practice I could get much better. Going slowly is the key.
  2. Not something the system did, but something I did--I used too big of a needle when stitching in the beginning and didn't like the result. I switched over to a #24 cross stitch needle and really liked the results.
  3. That is it! Otherwise I really liked it. It will be great to keep in my bag and be able to stitch on the go when the need arises :-) Plus, it is a whole lot lighter than a sewing machine to carry around...
I had a few pieces of some cards I taught a class with before the holiday's and decided to try it out. A "man" gift card holder. Super simple design, but gave me a chance to try out my toy. Over the next few weeks I'm going to try to do this with some of the other things sitting around my room.

  Cuttlebug Folder: Plaid
Pocket on Front of Card: Sentimentals @ 4.5"
Best Wishes: 3 Birds @ 2"
Card Base: 4.25" x 5.5"
Other card pieces were trimmer cut.


  1. Very cool! Never saw this thing at CHA. Like the very hand stitched homespun look to it. I was a cross stitcher too. big time! Had to laugh about the sewing machine. That's just how it is at my house. LOL xxD

  2. I like the way it came out on your card. Sounds like you found a remedy for your crummy mood!! Hope today is much better for you.


  3. TFS! I'll have to save to get this someday, looks neat!!! -Sam :-)

  4. Congrats for making the MPS team! I am so excited to work with you and get to know you more:)

  5. Thanks for the product review. I've been wanting this product for a while and wasn't sure if it was as easy as they say. THANKS!

  6. I love the product review on this ! I bought this for my sister for her birthday and was wondering if I should add it to my stash of supplies !!!!


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