Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ever Have One of THOSE Days.....

Well I did today.....nothing goes right, everything you do screws up??? I am trying to write up a big class I am teaching this weekend and having a big of a motivation problem. I decided to open a drawer to get some ink and found this....
 I am a super big Tim Holtz fan, but today--not so much...only I could have a actual hole in a glass reinker bottle. The entire bottle empty in the drawer. Covered everything! See all those stamp pads on the left--covered in every nook and cranny. After many attempts to wash my hands, I decided BLUE is the in color this year, LOL!
I screwed up two more projects along the way, threw them out and then just decided to play with something on my desk.
Last week Patty, Traci and I took a little stamp store field trip. This stamp was just calling for me to buy it...actually I think it was calling Patty too, but unlike me she is the stamper of the crowd and has the ability to take numerous stamps and make them look like this. Me I just buy! I made this with scraps on my desk to try it out....
 Here's to a better day tomorrow!
Stamp by Hero Arts


  1. Maria, I love this image and the cards are great and it must be something in the air cause I had that kinda day too, lol. Hugs

  2. You didn't know blue was the new color?
    Sorry it was such a rough day. Hope you have a great day today & get inspiration for your projects.

    Simple Creations

  3. Oooh no! That kind of stuff seems to happen to me a lot to! What a mess! At least it is a pretty blue hehe!

  4. God, you go girl! I woulda blown off crafting and opened a bottle of wine. Great card and I love the blue. Is it gone yet? xxD


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