Saturday, December 18, 2010

What I Did This Week......

There are really too many things to mention....I am in sort of a crazy whirlwind. Somehow, once again, I have gotten myself behind in everything--especially Christmas preparations. I will show you what I did ALL day on Tuesday. The annual Christmas cookie packing--an ugly, sticky mess.....the part of the process I get to do all by myself...YAY ME, LOL!
 When I do this there are cookies is nuts. 
Here is a picture mid-packing of the "holding" area (aka--my sun room--it was 14 degrees that day)  ...there were already six trays gone and delivered by this time and more that got added later.
 I am happy to say that they have all been delivered to their homes and I am very tried! true form, my mom said this morning "We are not going to do this next year" which I said back "That's what we say EVERY year!" 
I love tradition!

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