Sunday, December 12, 2010

Remember The Snow From Last Week.....

Well there is more coming tonight! Before it gets here, I thought I'd post the pictures I took last weekend from my real camera. You can see the red cardinal that I captured in the tree. Not the greatest, but much better than my camera phone.
 Hope you can see the cardinal in this picture. It was incredible in real life.
 This is when he flew to another tree when I was chasing him :-)
 This one above is my favorite--I never even noticed the red berries on the trees until it snowed!
 The picture above is to the left part of our yard and the one with the berries is to the right. We are extremely lucky to have a acre of land which is very rare for our suburb.
I'm busy here getting things together for Christmas--I'm a little behind this year, but it will get done. Hoping I get a few more projects done to share with you before Christmas!
Have a great Sunday--I know I'm not going anywhere:-)

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