Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Project From Creative Escape...

Life goes so fast...I never got to post any of my projects from Creative Escape back in August! I was walking past a shelve in my scrapbook room the other day and this popped out at was from a class that Patty and I took with Jessica Sprague. She is so inspirational to listen to. If you haven't yet and ever get a chance to take a class by her 
This class was mostly based on Photo Shop Elements (which is usually not in my vocabulary). Before we got to Creative Escape she sent us our homework to get our photos ready.
Let me tell you, directions are TOTALLY not my thing and this was quite a struggle for me--the Photoshop part....but after after I listened to her directions multiple times I GOT IT! She is a great teacher! The actual project above was sort of a "extra" to her class. It is a garland that is VERY long (actually it was made to hang from the ceiling to the floor). It highlights, for me, Christmas 2009 and all the events that happened in the month of December.
 The garland fits into this little box. There were no real directions for how to finish the top so every one's looks different. I chose some Graphic 45 paper and tulle for mine. The dictionary print was leftover from the stars in the project. Patty and I actually both finished this project--which is saying something :-) 
Now...if I could only finish my other 10 or so projects from this can dream......


  1. IKWYM about photoshop! I'm an idiot when it comes to that stuff but what a cool project! and that box is just beautiful! xxD

  2. Maria, what a lovely project, beautiful box, I love photoshop but also can become so lost in it. I took a 6mo course at the jr college and it helped some but I have forgotten most of it, LOL. Merry Christmas. Hugs


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