Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Engraving with the Cricut--Jewlery Finds!

I have been known to do some really crazy things with my Cricut. I love to try materials that you wouldn't think would work. Well, here we go again, this one definitely worked!

As I was walking around my local Joann's finding fun things I thought would work with the Engraving Tip I stumbled upon a pair of earings....Yes, earrings in the Jewelry Department. Stay with me here....
The earrings were cheap! And...I got two, who would have guessed, LOL! I took off the "earring" hardware at the top of the circle. I then added some Scor-tape to the back of the earring to help it stay on the mat.

 The image I chose is on one of the Creative Memories cartridges. It has a circle form to it. I used the Center Point feature on my Cricut. I moved the Blade Housing (aka--Engraving Tip) to the center of the earring and made my design 1 1/2". It fit perfectly!

When you are done, you just have to wipe away the "dust" that the evgraving leaves. I then used some Silver Stickles on the center of the design.

I would say I can't wait to wear this, but someone already took it from me as soon as it was done--actually the Stickles weren't even dry yet!!! Got to love having a teenager!!


  1. You are amazingly creative, girlfriend! I'd never have the nerve to try this! Gorgeous! xxD

  2. Donna is right!!! I love this one, so does my dd! lol I maybe going to Joanns soon!!! Thanks for doing these Maria!!!!

  3. I agree with Amy and Donna - super creative. I don't know how you find the time, especially around the holidays! Super cool.

  4. Love this. That is beautiful. Need to head over there for some more adhesive, may take a look around. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Amazing, creative, unique. Wonderful... WOW...

  6. I'm am totally sold on the engraving tip, I love this! Watch out ebay!

  7. WOW - girlie, you are awesome with the engraving tool! I am truly SOOO impressed!!!

    xx Susan


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