Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Backyard This Morning.....

I hate snow....everyone that knows me knows it. The thing is, I don't hate snow when I'm inside and have nothing to do, just when I have to drive in it. This was just beautiful to wake-up to....There was actually a bright red cardinal sitting in one of the trees which I chased after. I did get some pictures on my real camera (which was a whole other story in my pajamas!--I will say that I have done something just about every day in the last 25 years to amuse my husband, LOL!--he thinks I'm nuts) but that will have to wait until my computer comes back. Until then here are some I took with my phone plus a little project that was inspired by the snow.....Happy Saturday
So I went up and made these in my scrapbook room for the two side windows on my front door. I used Winter Lace and When It's Cold Outside and some white vinyl. Super Easy!


  1. How beautiful!!! Makes me want to make a snowman!

    xx Susan

  2. OMG how beautiful are those pictures and to think this is what your see!!! OMG:)

  3. I agree, the snow is nice when I'm inside by the fire and have no where to go!!! Very pretty!

  4. I'm with you.. I LOVE the snow.. Of course I work at home so I don't have to travel in it.. But I think I like it more so because I just can't STAND the heat..ugggg.. beautiful pics..absolutely beautiful!

  5. I'm so jealous. 14 more months in Hawaii. It's just not the same without the cold weather, the fire places, and the snow even with all the extra we put in to make it feel like Christmas in a tropical climate. Can't wait to get back to the mainland.

  6. Maria,
    Your card is very cute and well done...My kids are waiting for the real snow to come, we have only gotten an inch or so..EEK...I think it is beautiful just don't like driving in it either...My kids love it so much I would be the minority in the family if I didn't agree..LOL..Krista


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