Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Inchie, Winchie....whatever! They are done. Seriously they are Thrinchie's. Patty, Traci, Linda, Jane and I are leaving on Thursday for the Club Scrap Retreat in Wisconsin. This year's swap for the opening night is Thrinchies (3 x 3) works of art. Well, of course, I waited until the last minute so I wouldn't exactly call them works of art, but I do call them DONE! Now tomorrow I need to make some cards that we have to bring to donate to the Troops. This is always something I have wanted to do, but again of course I waited until the last minute.....

Looking forward to a fun time with my friends with no pressure. Club Scrap isn't exactly my style as far as scrapbooking goes but I do LOVE to feel their paper (something very cool about theirs), do their projects (which are incredible) and I could watch Tricia Morris videos all day long (and I have before)--in person, taking a class from her--even better!
Here's to a fun weekend ahead!


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