Sunday, October 24, 2010

Homecoming--Take II

Last night was Alexandria's 2nd Homecoming Dance of the year. This time for her own school, Neuqua Valley! And...yes, it is a new dress--can't wear the same one AGAIN....
This is Shyam--and, yes, this time it was an "official" date. See the corsage and boutonniere? I think I aged 10 years today. Unfortunately, Jim left today for a conference and did not get to witness our daughter's first "date"--probably better that way :-)
I took 210 shots. I have to say my favorite were the "random" ones!
The boys seemed nervous just taking pictures, so I said "You all have cell phones, right?" They looked at me like I was nuts...I told them to take them out and have some fun which ended up in a whole bunch of shots like this which I love!
The girls, now that is a different story....they love getting their pictures taken!!


  1. Your Daughter and her dress are beautiful! You really did capture some great shots! Thanks for sharing them with us and I hope they had a wonderful evening!


  2. awesome pics. It's such fun times to get fun shots of!! They are all so beautiful and handsome!


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