Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween--Just For Fun!

Thought I'd give you a little glimpse into what people see when they walk into my house through the front door on Halloween just for fun! When you get near this guy he "jumps" at you.... we call him Charles.
So you try to look away from him and look up and see this guy! Love him! We call him Louis....
I have a thing for witches and had to have her. She has a microphone that you can talk into from anywhere in the house to make her talk and move. Has made for tons of laughs in our house. We call her Edna! Casey has a "knack" for naming things in our house--usually he is DEAD on with his names for things!
This is the view above my front door. The witch on the window is Martha Stewart, but the spiders were cut with vinyl from my Cricut! The "married" couple that hang from the light fixture are some of my favorites....hope it isn't what Jim and I are going to look like some day!
And of the sides of my fireplace. Much can see some of my witches! The rest are scattered throughout the house. I love to decorate for Halloween and the funniest part....being Greek, we really don't "believe" in Halloween. My kids were in Greek School up until 4th grade and only knew it as "Fall Festival", but leave it to me not to follow the "rules"! Happy Halloween everyone! Guess it is time to take out the Thanksgiving Decorations!


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