Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gypsy News.....

So excited about this news.....even though I have all the cartridges, I'm excited to get the Smiley Cards! How cool of Provo Craft to let the current Gypsy owners in on this!!!
Patty???? Are you reading???? Please go get the GYPSY, NOW!!

Hope everyone is enjoying Sunday!
It is a beautiful day here in the Chicagoland area.
See you back tomorrow with a glimpse of how I made the Imagine card.


  1. I purchased the Gypsy last week. How do I get these cartridges?

  2. Karen,
    Congrats on your Gypsy! You will love it. In the the last line of the ad I put above it says that they will be in a special Gypsy update on November 1st. Being that I don't work for Provo Craft and don't really know anything else about this, I am assuming that all of us that have registered our Gypsies will get a special email around November 1st letting us know how to do this or just check the Gypsy site where you sync your Gypsy around that date and watch for a update. Hope that helps! Maria

  3. You are SUCH an ENABLER. Okay, okay, Ms. M, I finally caved. Yes, I literally RAN out today and bought the Gypsy. Now, what color skin should I get? Do I need a "skin wardrobe" (to match my shoes, of course.) Btw,can a cricut wear white after Labor Day? Also, do I need the car charger?
    Oh, FYI: J's had ALL of the Imagine cartridges - plus ink.

  4. Did you just have to enable back???? Did you go there after I left you?? Yes, of course it can wear white after Labor Day, but we could "Bling" it up a little--maybe with our Copics! Only a one skin girl over here--that is until a new prettier one comes out--not to loyal to my skin, LOL! No--don't need a car charger, mine still in package after a year.


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