Friday, October 15, 2010

Everyday Cricut--My Last Day.....

What an incredible, incredible week! I am overwhelmed by the unbelievably nice comments hundreds of people have left me all week HERE at Everyday Cricut. If you missed the Gypsy File you can get that HERE. For those in my close circle of friends--you'll be happy to know it has made me "believe" again :-)
I shared this card on Everyday Cricut. As we speak, it is on it's way to Joy and Melanie with a great BIG Thank You! If you would like some tips on how I made it with my Imagine I'll have a post on Monday showing more pictures. And....YES, I am LOVING the Imagine!


  1. So happy to see your followers climbing! You did a fantastic job for Joy and Melanie this week Maria!


  2. This card is beautiful. I'd love to know how you did this. I have the Imagine but I'm on the fence if to keep it or not. After seeing this I might just have to keep it. TFS

  3. Please share which cartridge you used to cut the picot edge card? Thanks!

  4. Suni Brandt says: The skeleton card is just tooo cute, I just love it tfs!!!!!!

  5. Hon, you should NEVER doubt your fantastic ability as a designer! Your week with Everyday Cricut was phenomenal. Every day was a treat! I'm especially partial to this last card, though. (Big surprise!) xxD I gotta get on the ball with my I. So far it's just a PITA! Your thank you is gorgeous!

  6. Here are a couple answers:
    Clare-if you are talking about the Happy 70th card it is Martha Steward Elegant Cake Cartridge.

    dale888jr--Watch for a post on my Blog on Monday. I will go through how I made that card on the Imagine. So far I'm very happy with the machine, I wouldn't send it back :-)
    Hope these help....Maria

  7. I have so enjoyed your projects all week! The skeleton card is probably my favorite. You truly are a talent. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  8. Love the skeleton card! Please explain exactly how you were able to cut out the perfect "spooky" sign at 1". It is the frame at position 41 on the keypad, right? What type of paper, and which settings did you use on the Cricut?
    Thank you so much for sharing your talent this week. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  9. I love that rose card. The depth and shading of the flowers is amazing. I can't wait for the info on how you did that. Please make a video.

  10. Ann--Hope you see this, I had no other way to answer you. Yes, it is the image in the 5th row down, 1st column. I used DCWV Metallic paper for the sign on the top and the bottom black was American Crafts. All papers, even in the same line, are not created equal. DCWV Metallics cut like butter, not so with some of their other lines. My #1 favorite basic cardstock FOR THE CRICUT is American Crafts. Use multi-cut of 2, slow your speed down(med or low), blade on 5, pressure high. Try that. It is ALL trial and error. I have pretty extensive experience on the Cricut and I know how frustrating it is not to get a good cut.


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