Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Creative Cuts and Crafts

See these two ladies? They are very close friends of mine--Claudia on the left and Linda on the right, owners of Creative Cuts in Crafts. This week Linda and Claudia said goodbye to their store in Villa Park Illinois....but for a good reason! They opened a new much bigger store in Elmhurst Illinois!! I think in an economy like ours, this says so much in the paper crafting world.
I spent the day on Monday helping them get the new store ready for the opening later this week. They have had the most incredible amount of support from customers helping getting the new store moved and ready to open! Claudia and Linda's store is like no other in our area. They specialize in paper crafting, mixed media, stamping and scrapbooking. They have a very loyal customer base and their class list and product lines keep growing and growing.
When you come into Creative Cuts and Crafts you are treated like family immediately. I think that is why they are so successful.
What you don't see in these pictures of the new store is the BIG room right behind this rack to the right of the picture.This is where all the classes and their now famous crops will be held. The possibilities are endless now that they have all this space--believe me, what they accomplished in their last location was incredible for the small amount of space they had.
So, if you happen to be in the Chicagoland area or just visiting please stop by and see them. You never know I might be there too!
Creative Cuts and Crafts
486 South Spring Road
Elmhurst, IL
You can visit their website HERE. It will be updated with all the new store information soon!


  1. How fantastic for them! All I hear lately is about stores being closed so they must be doing something right to be expanding!! Best of luck to them!

  2. Congrats to them in their new store. As I read your post, it sounded like my local fav store's history too! They've moved twice in the last year to get to the place in a strip mall. The place is huge! they have 5 rooms, and the huge place in the back for the crops and Cricut swarms. They were terriffic in their original little house, but have grown by leaps and bounds! I agree with your comment about what it says about the industry given the economy. Great story and I wish your friends all the best.

  3. Okay, ladies.... so when is the grand opening?
    Can NOT wait! There is such a wonderful creative energy surrounding you two - I KNOW we'll be treated to even more in the new place. Very exciting!!!
    My credit card is doing some preemptive smoking!
    See you very soon,
    Secret Shopper PM

  4. Ms. Secret Shopper--who isn't so Secret, LOL! You can click on the right side of my page under who I teach for and it will take you right to their site with all the opening information on it!



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