Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Breaking News...at least here!

Will be back to regular posting soon, but....
Patty has secured the Gypsy!!!
Whoo Hoo!

Also, for any of you out there that also use the iPhone like I do wanted to share a App that I have had for about 6 months and really like. It is called Scrapbooker. No, I don't know these people. M
y friends and I buy things all the time that we already have. This App lets you take a picture or upload a picture of your products and lets you categorize them so you know what you have when you are out shopping. Well today, it once again, saved me from buying doubles! Traci and I were out shopping and I was looking at the new Tim Holtz stamp sets saying I need this certain one...then I remembered I had logged all the ones I had into my phone....well guess what--NO SURPRISE HERE...I already had it. Don't worry I found a Unity one I didn't have, LOL! One word of warning, this program only works if you ACTUALLY load the items you have into it, still working on that, may need to get extra memory :-)


  1. Wow cool thanks for the App info and whooo hooo for you and your Gypsy!!!!!!

  2. Where can I get some of that extra memory???
    Ohhhh, you don't mean HUMAN memory, do you?
    Dang, ....never mind.


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