Monday, August 23, 2010

Too Many Directions....

My new toy! I just got it tonight--now I know my friends will say AGAIN!! another camera?? but....I just can't find one that is perfect for me. Maybe this time :-)
Where have I been...well in WAY too many directions. My Cricut has been working non-stop for HOURS every day. I have made Red Hats, Birthday Invitations for Alexandria, Halloween cards for a Circle Meet-up while I'm in Arizona, Cricut Circle Calling cards, making t-shirts for Alexandria and most working--ALOT....finishing up some DVD work and starting a new BIG project. Above is Alexandria and all her friends this past weekend. She finally had a much delayed birthday party (her birthday was in April). She wanted a camp out. Why you might ask that a girl that has never went camping wants a camp out birthday--who knows, it sounded cool she said. Jim worked so hard putting up a tent, making fires and getting everything ready. At the first mention that it might rain and the first bug they saw they were in the house for the rest of the night!! At least they got to make S'mores.

These are the t-shirts that I just finished for Alexandria. Tomorrow is the first day of High School for her and her friends, but they can't focus on that because they are going to meet Christofer Drew from Never Shout Never right after school. They have special passes to meet him and they wanted special t-shirts. I didn't have much time to throw them together and I'm not sure it is what she wanted (I KNOW it isn't what she wanted) but it is something. I designed them on my Gypsy and cut them on Heat Transfer Vinyl.
And finally....Patty and I are leaving for Creative Escape on Wednesday morning!! SO, SO excited. They put a download of some paper on the site to make a mini autograph book to bring to the event for everyone to sign. This is what I came up with for mine. Sorry Patty...I had to "bling" it up a little! We will try to post our fun from CE!!

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  1. Oh so good to catch up, chickie! I've been missing you! sounds like you've been going 24/7 though! That looks like one serious camera! Mine is basically point and shoot (all I can handle). The tees look amazing and the paty looks like a blast. (That's MY kind of camping, LOL.) More DVD work? (More 3:00am night?) Hope not for your sake! xxD


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