Monday, August 16, 2010

Red Hats Everywhere...

Not the greatest picture as it was taken by my phone....but it gets the point across. I have been surrounded in Red Hats for the last few days. I am helping my mom with a luncheon that her and two of her neighbors are hosting in September. Due to a few glitches, one with the English language and another with being too tired to figure out I was cutting purple hats instead of red the first took me twice as long than I had anticipated to make these. There are also some party favors and pins that I will show another time..

In other news, spent 15 hours at a crop on Saturday with Patty, Linda and Nancy and I am sad to say that I have absolutely nothing to show for it. But, I did have a great time and needed the "no pressure to do anything I wanted" time....which I spent mostly talking and eating.


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