Sunday, August 8, 2010

My CHA Highlights Part Six

So...the best for last???? Well, finally I can tell you! After months of planning, working and yes--not sleeping or eating very much towards the end...we are ready to reveal our big surprise!! Cricut for Beginners!! No one would ever guess how much work in front of the camera and behind the camera that has be done to make something like this come together! A true lesson in what team work is. What an incredible experience--one I could have never, ever guessed would have happened to me...but it did!

Me at the Consumer Show booth promoting the DVD. Yes--that is me on the TV above! It cracked me up every time someone walked up started talking to me, looked at the TV and then said "Hey, you are the one on the TV!"
Here it is!! It will be ready to ship at the end of August. Hope you like it!
On a personal note....thanks so, so much to Natalie and Miranda for all their hard work with the DVD! there are the highlights of my week of CHA--many I didn't post about, but if I posted them all I could go on for a few more weeks....back to designing!


  1. Awesome work, chickie! You have a Cricut, you can do it YOURSELF! LOL Miss you already! xxD

  2. Really super card TFS.


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