Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back to School and a New Ride...

Life is moving at literally 1,000 MPH....School shopping has begun....When Alexandria heard about the tax free back to school shopping in Illinois she couldn't wait to test it out, LOL!

This boy, my new driver, will be a Sophomore in a few short days! Schedules have arrived, orientations have begun....
And this girl...she is will be a Freshman! Where, where has the time gone!!?? I will so miss them when they go back to school.
And...we picked these two up last night! Truffle for me (funny huh...chocolate in all aspects of life) and Charcoal for Jim....the same color he had....boring :-) Not really, love that color. Grandpa is very happy with his "new" Lexus hand me down...and there is a boy I know that will be very happy with Grandpa's hand me down...

Hopefully at some point I will be back to posting some projects! Not sure when...Patty and I leave for Creative Escape in 14 short I guess life will keep moving at this pace. And...YES I am a very lucky girl for the life I have!


  1. Congrats on the twins! At least there will be no diapers. LOL Your big kids are darling, Maria! Cant believe it's almost back to school. xxD

  2. The last days of summer are quickly flying by! Nice new rides. Enjoy Creative Escape and use the time to have fun and relax.


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