Monday, May 3, 2010

Sometimes I Hate Technology

Outside of the Card

Inside and Envelope of Card

On Friday, I had a list of things a mile long to do. This included many projects I needed to get done along with some cards. The card above was one I made for the son of one of my best friend's bridal shower that I was going to yesterday. Well, I should have never started making the card..everything went downhill after that. I got the card done, but found out I wouldn't be able to attend the shower due to a family scheduling problem. I was upset. I got a few family calls which upset me further and in the mean time I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing on the computer and deleted--YES DELETED!! all my pictures from 2004 to the present on my external hard drive. I have been rather anal about my pictures over the years since I went digital. I have kept the chips, printed pictures, made CD's and most recently put them on the new external hard drive Jim bought me. In the process of putting them on the hard drive I finally gave in and got rid of some of the chips and CD's thinking maybe I was nuts to keep them. I also didn't print out as many of the pictures in the last 2 years as I used to. So needless to say, when Jim came home Friday night he was greeted by a HYSTERICAL wife who couldn't stop crying. This all lead to the purchase of a brand new MacBook Pro to replace my 5 year old MacBook Pro and a new Photo Editing Program. So...what I'm trying to say is NEVER, EVER think you have too many back-ups of your photos. I might be missing for a few days while I try to sort out what I do have left and get my life back in order. Thanks for listening ;-)


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