Wednesday, June 17, 2015

StencilGirl and USArtQuest

where to start....where to start....
Minding my own business working at the StencilGirl booth with John Shaw I looked up to notice that the rest of our team was missing....Odd--where did they all go??

I look around the room and see Janet, Mary Beth and Carolyn frantically waving their hands at me to come over to the other side of the room to the USArtQuest booth. Yes...that is where it all started.....for me :)
You can get Carolyn's version in THIS post.
I can't really explain the rest. Let us just say that the StencilGirl Team is PASSIONATE...passionate about stencils, yes...but put more art supplies in front of us and oh my!!
I don't think Susan Pickering Rothemel really knew what to think of all of us, LOL!
Insert vision of Janet jumping up and down when Susan showed her how to do a technique.

By the time we left Susan had filled our hands with product to play with and sent us on our way. WOW! Thank you Susan! Yes, I am a product driven girl! Possibilities GALORE!

Susan was also nice enough to give us each a copy of her DVD so we could get familiar with her products. You can find it on her website.

I'm thinking you may have come here for a technique or inspiration, so let's get started! Now I could do one of the techniques on Susan's DVD, but...instead I decided to "experiment" since I hadn't played with any of these products before.

Let's start with a tip:
Pretty literally I started with a blank canvas....a 8.5" x 8.5" to be exact. It started to fray as soon as I cut it so I thought....hummm, PPA Adhesive I've never used that before...I'm thinking it just may work. It DID!!!! No fray here!

Let's start with a stencil of course! I chose my Doodle It Layered Petals because I wanted something with large openings. I traced the stencil with a regular pencil onto the canvas and then cut out the negative parts of the stencil making sure to leave it still attached by the outside edge. TIP: cut slits in each "hole" to make removing the parts easier. This really isn't as hard as you might think.

My idea was to work with the Dicrofibers so that they showed thru the cut out holes of the stencil. These are just beautiful and quite amazing the way they fuse together to make an actual material. They do tend to fly around a little (insert story of a son that wasn't too happy with me and how somehow they ended up in our dinner that night. What's a little sparky goodness in your food????!

 I did follow Susan's directions on this one.....
they come right on the package so no worries!

Now that I had my fiber "sheet" made I used the PPA Adhesive to adhere it to the canvas. I added glue to the back side of the my cut out canvas and attached the entire sheet over it. The final picture below shows what it looked like when done.

What should I play with about those little balls of awesome color!
Prills (these were my favorite product I played with).

I again added the PPA to the canvas, this time on the good side and aded the Prills
I walked away and let it dry overnight (not one of my strong suits).

Enter the morning.....
STOP! I love the Prills, but I hate my project!!!!!
Oh NO! The ugly stage :( 
I literally sat there for 10 minutes and stared at it.....I knew what to do. I always a little voice in my head that comes up--do this! I have learned over the years to just go with it. Heck, it is only "stuff" there is more where that came from.

What did I hate?? The middle!
So that I did! Just that made me instantly happy and I new I was out of the uglies!
Great Tape....I "think" Susan affectionately called it Buger Tape...either that or I'm dreaming. I used it to adhere a piece of felted wool to the back of the canvas to be the new middle. This stuff is sticky and wonderful!!!!

Almost done...just a few finishing touches.
I needed a word....of course :)
I wanted "be".....just be and it will come. I used the Vintage Typewriter stencil to make the word myself. This stencil comes in handy to me ALL the time! A few extra prills in the middle (because I was in LOVE with this color and had to use them) and then some simple stitching to bring all the colors together.

Thanks Susan! I had so much fun playing with these new to me products and am always thrilled to find a new way to use my StencilGirl stencils!

Did you see what Janet made today using the 
USArtQuest supplies and StencilGirl stencils? 
Hop on over to her Blog to see!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Be Like A Turtle

 I have been talking quite a bit lately about how much I'm loving my Dylusions paint.
Well....the love affair started with this page. W A Y back when I put in my order for the paint (like many people) I was so excited when I got a package in the mail right away....unfortunately, that excitement didn't last very long because I only got 2 of them--brown and green. Now there is nothing wrong with brown and green but I wanted them ALL! NOW! Sadness.....

I started this page in my small Fabriano EcoQua Notebook on that day with 
For some reason life got in my way and I never finished it. When the rest of my paints recently came it reminded me that I started this page an never finished. 
In I went!

I love how it turned out. These paints are really something special for Art Journalers. As a matter of fact I'm not waiting until mine are empty....another whole set is on its way to me!

Speaking of LOVE, did you see one of June's other stencils, Coral Fan??
Saying magnificent texture doesn't even do it justice! Just look at it used with Golden Molding Paste! WOW!!!!

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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Playing with NEW Stencils Designed by Mary C. Nasser!

Nothing like new stencils to inspire me to make a 
 Art Journal page!!!
Yesterday my friend Mary C. Nasser had EIGHT new stencils released at StencilGirl and today I'm going to show you what I made with them and even through one in from my friend Carolyn Dube too!

This turned out to be a little bit like another post I did "What If".....
I guess most people would call it experimentation.

I had Mary's stencils in front of me along with new Dylusions paint. 
No idea in mind so I just started with some paint.

I like the "cloud" like effect I got with the Mini Blending Tool and the paint....but, what if...I added some Color Burst by Ken Oliver on top to deepen it?
YUMMY! I really had gotten some water on my page and I started to notice something interesting....I don't know if the Color Burst reacted with something in the Dylusions or what happened but it was turning the most BEAUTIFUL fuchsia.

That didn't last long because as the background dried, the fuchsia went away....but let me tell you, it was BEAUTIFUL for the time it was there! Here is what the background looked like when it was almost dry.

Okay...back to the page! What if.....I used Mary's two new 4" x 4" It's a Small World Latitude and It's a Small World Longitude  stencils to add a ghosting to the background...
Yes! That was PERFECT! Here is the finished background....I added some Golden Gesso  around the globes to pop them out a little.

Okay...this is where it gets exciting for me!!! Whenever I see a globe or map of the world I think back to High not something I learned....this texture......remember that texture they used to have on globes? All that bumpy goodness. I can still remember running my fingers over it. 
That is the first thing I thought of when I saw Mary's new Going Global and Star Map stencils.
I NEEDED to recreate that. Luckily I had a "what if" that was so easy I almost couldn't believe it....enter DecoArt Media Texture Sand Paste!
Knowing I only wanted the paste on the continents and not in all the lines, I took a old room key and cut a small tool to spread my paste.
I used this paste before HERE and LOVED it! Let me tell you it goes on like butter. So smooth in fact that I guessed it....what if I took my finger and tapped it to get that globe from my past feel.....

After the Texture Sand Paste was dry (which really doesn't take long at all) especially when you don't have patients, I took out my Tim Holtz Water Brushes that I have all my colors of Dylusions Spray Ink in. This is my preferred way to use the sprays :)
3 Greens....sounds good to me!

My childhood is back!!!!
(insert this is when I emailed Mary pretty darn excited!!!)
Want to see????!?!!!!!
Goodness was I HAPPY!!!!

Now I wanted to put the other lines back in from the Going Global and Star Map stencils. I used a Sakura Gelly Roll pen (the Classic kind). I love this pen for getting in really small stencil spaces. Then I went back to the Dylusions paint and added some arrows from Mary's new Go Your Own Way 4x4, 6x6 and Round Here 4x4, 6x6 stencils

Words!!!! Yes, I need words now!
Time for Carolyn Dube's NEW Are We There Yet Stencil--Now that is a match for Mary's stencils!!!! 
I added a little detail work including adding some rubber stamping from Mary's Map stamps from Rubbermoon
You can see them in her ETSY shop HERE

Here is the final page....
I have to tell you, this is one of my favorite pages I've made this year so far!

Here is a detail shot....

I hear from Mary that if you head on over to her blog today you might just see an exciting what are you waiting for--GO SEE!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

StencilGirl Stencils and Dylusions Paint--A Perfect Match!

As promised back on Tuesday I have another page in my Art Journal to show you. I used stencils designed by Rae Missigman for StencilGirl.
Like quite a few people right now, I just received my long awaited order of Dylusions Paint. I am absolutely in LOVE with these paints! Although I probably wouldn't have said this a week ago, LOL!...the wait was TOTALLY worth it. I started this page with some of Rae's flower stencils just to "test" it out. Well, one thing led to another....
and another
well...I wasn't going to stop NOW! 
I was having too much fun!
WOW! They are an Art Journaler's DREAM paint. Dries quick (when used in thin layers), I could easily write on it with anything I tried--oh the Posca markers on there and it leaves a nice sheen that isn't sticky.
Here are some detail shots of my page. I wasn't expecting to make an entire Art Journal page when I started...but let me tell you stencils and Dylusions...they are a MATCH made in HEAVEN!!!!

Aren't Rae's stencils AWESOME?????
You can find them all HERE.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

This one is for Rae Missigman and a TIP!

So many stencils so few hours......

Today I'm talking Rae Missigman!
When I saw these stencils come into StencilGirl I knew it was in LOVE at first site. 
I already LOVED working with Rae (she is just the sweetest, kind person)....but these stencils???? 
Pure bunch of amazing HAPPY!!!!

So many ideas in my head for them!
Today I will show you one and give you a tip when using her stencils and then I'll be back on Thursday with another Art Journal page I made. 
Below are some close-ups of the above page.
I did this page in a 

Fabriano EcoQua Notebook. I absolutely love working in these journals. They are soft bound, stapled and not really Art Journals per se, but for some reason I feel like I don't have to be perfect in them which gives me the freedom.

For being only 6" x 8" it gives me the perfect amount of space to experiment. As a matter of fact, I used EVERY one of Rae's 15!!! 4" x 4" stencils on this ONE page!

Ready for a TIP??
Rae's stencils are small and lovely and you get both parts, the stencil and the mask! But.....if you loose things like I do, you might want to try what I did.
I used an old plastic case I had in my stash. It is similar to a CD case. I keep all the stencils and mask parts in it and that way no missing parts! It is super small and I can throw it in my bag to take these with me to create on the go!

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Monday, May 4, 2015

More Fun with the May StencilClub Designs

I'm over on the StencilGirl Talk Blog today showing a project I did with the May StencilClub Designs from StencilGirl...but I had some leftover paint from my project. I always keep an extra journal to use up extra paint from a project. From time to time I doodle on these pages for fun....this was one of those times!

I also made something with the 4" x 4" inch stencil :)

This page in my big jumbo journal came about by just layering and layering the baby 4" x 4" inch stencil over and over and over again!!! Just happens to be in "my" colors too :)
Pretty amazing what you can do with one little stencil and a few colors of paint!

Want to see what I made for the StencilGirl Talk blog today?
Just follow THIS link!

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