Friday, August 22, 2014

Mixed Media Meets Papercrafting with StencilGirl, Eileen Hull and Sizzix

Welcome to the StencilGirl and Eileen Hull Inspiration Team Blog Hop!

To me, what could be better than to mix Papercrafting with Mixed Media?? I even did some recycling along the way. I started with a kraft colored bag that I got when picking up food one night. 
No smell--no grease :)

My Process:
1. On scrap white cardstock, I stamped the Dahlia stamp three times.
2. Cut around the stamped images.
3. Using removable adhesive, I glued the images to the bottom of my bag.
4. Paint over the entire front of the bag (including over the glued flowers) with the lighter color of teal paint.

5. With the glued flowers still in place, I used the Chain Male stencil from StencilGirl and stenciled over the entire bag using the darker color teal paint.
6. Take off the stencil.
7. Remove the glued on flowers.

8. Bringing back the Dahlia Stamp, I inked with VersaMark and stamped in the empty space left by the mask. I then used Embossing Powder and heat set the flowers.

9. To make the frame, I used the Sizzix ScoreBoards XL Die - Frame, Mailable diecut.  The painting process was the same as the bag. I then used the Uplifting Words stencil from StencilGirl.  Masking off the word REMEMBER, inked with VersaMark, used Embossing Powder and then heat set. I also did this with the word BREATHE and TO from the same stencil.

10. For the tag on the bag I used a regular manilla tag and the same painting process as the before. For you and the frame are from the same stamp set as the Dahlia.

Thanks Eileen for giving me the opportunity to bring together my love of Papercrafting and Mixed Media together!

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Products Used
Craffiti Eileen Hull Dahlia and Frame Stamp Set

Sizzix ScoreBoards XL Die - Frame, Mailable

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I made this the other night in my art the kitchen 25 minutes. 
I had no "assignment", I had no "had" to.....
It just came while I was waiting for something to cook. 
It came from my heart.....
as I start a week journey that will make my life never the same again.
It came from LOVE.

Stencils Used

Monday, August 11, 2014

I Want To Ride My Bike

Did you ever start a art journal page and then totally abandon it?
That's where this one started months ago. It started it due to a thought in my head...a life situation. Well now, months later, it doesn't look like that situation is going to change anytime soon...BUT it was time to finish the page.

Crossing my fingers that someday soon I will change that to "I rode my bike" :)

Thanks for stopping by!

StencilGirl Stencils Used

Thursday, July 31, 2014

StencilGirl and PanPastel An Experiment

Welcome to the PanPastel Week with StencilGirl!
One of my favorite things to do with PanPastels is to try different mediums with them. Today, I decided to use a variety of Golden Products to try in my Art Journal with StencilGirl stencils and PanPastels.

For the background I used Golden Acrylic Ground for Pastels. Using a old card, I swiped the page with the Ground and let dry. They using a Sofft Sponge, I put some color down on the page with PanPastels. As you can see from the photo below, the color is more intense where I had more medium. Then I laid the Diamond Waves stencil on top and used another PanPastel color. 
The result--a fun background to start with.

Next, I used the Doodle It Daisy stencils with a variety of Golden mediums--Glass Bead Gel, Crackle Paste and Regular Gel Medium. Each was spread through the Doodle It Daisy stencil. The last photo show the page when the mediums were dry.

Below you can see how each medium looks when lightly swiped with a Sofft Sponge and PanPastel. Experiments like this let me keep a record of how different products react so I can keep this page for reference for future products.

Thanks for visiting today.
for letting us play with their products!
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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Apron Anyone?????

Sometimes you have a day where everything aligns just right. 
It was meant to be.
was one of those days......
Art Is You Dixie
Four VERY tired girls and one VERY willing (ha ha...Linda Willis, get it) teacher.
The PERFECT day!!!!

My friends, Kirsten, Carolyn, Julia and I played with no agenda, just a willingness to learn, relax and have FUN....and that we did! Of course, none of us finished our aprons. We got home and said we all wanted to show them together. We planned the got in the way. We cancelled the date. This happened more times that I want to tell you. 
But finally....we are ready. 
Thank you Linda Willis for a day to remember!
Speaking of Linda Willis, if you have never taken a class with her and have the opportunity--DO IT!!!!! She is pretty darn AMAZING! So giving of her knowledge and talents. 
She will be at Art is You Stamford teaching and so will my buddy Carolyn Dube
Oh what fun that would be--to take a class with Linda and then one with Carolyn!!! 
You can see the details HERE.

You know what else I'm celebrating with my friends today??? 
She just made a huge career change and we are celebrating by
welcoming her into blog land.  
Watch out art comes JULIA KELLOGG!!!!!
Someday I will say....."I knew her when..." :)

If you haven't already, I would LOVE for you to see the aprons my friends made!
Maria McGuire You are HERE!

A BIG thank you to my daughter for modeling for me!

Stencils I Used On My Apron:

Rubber stamps, silk screens, hand carved stamps all supplied by Linda Willis AND of course some of my own doodling :)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Introducing NEW StencilGirl Artist Traci Bautista Blog Hop

If you arrived from my friend Julia's blog you are on the right track! 
Welcome to the last stop on the hop! 
Every time we release new stencils at StencilGirl, I get fascinated watching them go from drawings to the actual product. 
These by Traci Bautista are no different.

Hummm...what to make??? How about I just play with them and see what happens???

I started with some Gelli Prints
I used a variety of Traci's new designs to make these. Now I have some papers to use in my Art Journaling and DLP.

Then I moved on to some other Gelli Prints in a different color palette. These, although not screaming the stencil were some of my favorites.

I decided I wanted to use these in my DLP spread for the week along with these items:

I used the 2 Gelli Prints as a background on the two pages of my DLP. I didn't add any of the tip in's from the beginning and add them each way in a way that works for me.

After I had the paper down, I used a scissors to cut thin wavy lines with the bag paper to separate my days of the week. I then used some number stamps I carved to put the dates in. At the top of the page I used Traci's Circle Circle stencil.

Here is what the spread looked like with the flap closed before I started my week. The challenge for this week was to add a tiny photo. 
The "Be Free" on the flap is Traci's Be Free stencil.

Here is with the flap open. 
I used Traci's Flower Party and Circle Circle to get some color down.

 Now I'm all ready to add my journaling and other embellishments for the week.

Thanks for visiting today!
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Monday, June 30, 2014

Do These Colors Look Familiar?

Do these colors look familiar??
Well they should....if you scroll down you will see when I first used them with Orly Avineri's new stencils from StencilGirl last week.

What did I do with the leftover paint??
Made a page in my art journal...of course :)

I used all of Cecilia Swatton's new designs basically with the same process I started my project with Orly's stencils. Layering over and over on the page with all the different stencils. You can see bits and pieces of them if you look close.

Just some fun that I wanted to share .

Have a great day!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Using Stencils To Make Unique Painted Paper

If you are looking for the Blog Hop featuring Orly Avineri please keep scrolling down after this post.

Sometimes, I love to just take a day and make some background papers to later use in my Art Journal and other projects. That is what I did with Orly's.

I started out by taking deli paper that was 5" x 5" and only 3 colors of paint to see what I could come up with using all 5 of Orly's new stencils from StencilGirl You can see them all  HERE.

I ended up making 9 pieces which looked like this.

I really loved them, but of course, I couldn't stop there! I ripped all the pieces apart and then began glueing them with Matte Medium to a larger piece of deli paper. The patterns in these stencils are incredible!

This was so mindless and FUN!!!! What did I end up with??
 A large piece and 2 smaller pieces of one of a kind paper which I will use in a future Art Journal page or project.

 Thanks for stopping by today! 

Monday, June 23, 2014

StencilGirl Blog Hop Featuring NEW Artist Orly Avineri

Welcome to the StencilGirl Blog Hop featuring Orly Avineri!

It has been so much fun working with Orly throughout the process of her stencils. She has a very unique style and I think it transferred over perfectly into her stencils.

This project came about in a way that made me so happy. I was sitting at the kitchen table just playing with the stencils and my daughter sat down next to me and asked if she could play with them too. Are you kidding me???!!! She NEVER has asked me that before. As a matter of fact, she always tells me that she doesn't know how to make art although she is very creative. My answer...YES!!!! sit down--which led to some fun that I wouldn't trade for anything!!!

My project started out like this....layers and layers using parts of each of Orly's stencils.

 It finally transformed into this:

The words "inside out" are from Seth Apter's stencil HERE.

For fun I thought I'd also show you what my daughter, Alexx, made. It was her first time ever using a stencil. I loved the time I spent with her doing this! She put one of her favorite Dexter quotes on it. She is a huge fan.

Thanks Orly for designing something that caught my daughters eye and giving me those precious moments that can't be described in words. Who knows, maybe she will Art Journal her way through college now :)

I'll be back later this week to show you something else I made with Orly's stencils.
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PRIZE: 5 lucky winners, each will get a one of Orly's new releases.

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Using Stencils with Alcohol Ink

Welcome to Day 4 in the StencilGirl Products and Craft Hoarders Anonymous Blog Hop!

Craft NO way! I'd rather say I am a Craft COLLECTOR of fine things. Yes, it is true, I have a "few" supplies. I took pictures to show you, but after reviewing, I have decided to save that for another day when I am a little braver. Let's just put it this way 15+ years of scrapbooking, card making, mixed media, crochet, embroidery, the list goes on and on........I think you get the picture.

So, on to today. The challenge to get messy is not that much of a stress for me. I have NO problem with that. As a matter of fact, I think I will be rockin alcohol ink nail polish for quite some time after this project! 

I made it my goal to get rid of something I don't use anymore and make it something I do use. I decided on alcohol inks, alcohol ink pads, photo paper (just some cheap old stuff) and kraft glassine paper which didn't make its way into this project in the end but you will see it in a future post.

**Disclaimer here: I ended up working with alcohol inks for FOUR hours straight determined to use EVERY last drop of what I had. I tried tons of different things and this one here is the last thing I tried.

Alcohol inks...never been quite a fan, but I did manage to buy EVERY color--well OF COURSE I did. I took a piece of 8.5" x 11" photo paper, used an applicator and applied the ink as well as just using it out of the bottle.

After I was done, I laid four of my new Doodle It designs from StencilGirl onto of the ink. Doodle It Blossom, Doodle It Layered Petals, Doodle It Daisy and Doodle It Rose. It was basically dry at this point.

I then took orange, pink, red and yellow and dripped them into the stencil. Amazingly enough, the stencil held the ink in, it was pretty fun to watch.

I left the stencil in place while it dried, maybe 5 minutes total.

Then....I lifted the stencil which gave me a wonderful reverse technique.

and the final case you were wondering, YES!!!! I used every last drop of 20 bottles of alcohol ink in my four hour play. GONE! YAY!!

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