Monday, January 2, 2017

Carve December 2016

This is the second year I have participated in Carve December, a challenge created by Julie Fei-Fan Balzar. This year, all my designs were literally pulled from art that I had made in 2016. I have to say, I really enjoyed the process and took my time this year. Yes, I use drawing and doodling to relax but I think carving is even a more focused art form. 
No erasing allowed :) 

Here is a little look at my stamps. You can see them in more detail on my Instagram account. Thanks Julie! Can't wait until next year!!!

Days 1-8

Days 9-16

Days 17-25

Days 26-31

Saturday, December 31, 2016

January 2017 Challenge To Create Prompts

Saying GOODBYE to 2016 and HELLO to 2017!!!!! I have to say, 2016 was challenging for me. I learned so much and let go of so many physical things and emotional thoughts. I also did a ton of art. Some posted on Instagram, but for the most part keeping it to myself and finding me.

A HUGE part of the Instagram art is something I have been doing with Janet Joehlin for well over a year. Daily posts (well almost daily, we are human) based on a list of prompts that we made together. It is so fun to see what the other interprets the prompt as.

We have had people ask where our list is so they could play along. For this year we decided to make a whole new list, incorporating more weekly/monthly rituals and decided to post it online. We will post the prompts for the next month on the last day of the previous month on our blogs. If someone wants to play great, if not--absolutely NO worries! This isn't an official challenge, just a Maria and Janet challenge. We do it to motivate each other to make art EVERY day! Which, btw isn't very hard :) 

Hope to see you on Instagram!
Happy New Year!

Join Us on Instagram: Janet HERE Maria HERE
Use the #'s: #challengetocreate #creativeeveryday
Saturday = PP-Planner Prompt
Sunday = Quote

Monday = Mandala

31 PP-Word for the Year
1 Weekly Quote
2 Monday Mandala
3 Flur de lis
4 Alphabet
5 Flower of the Month-Carnation
6 Doodle-Blue
7 PP-Add an Arrow
8 Weekly Quote
9 Monday Mandala
10 Ice Cubes
11 Cut a Snowflake
12 Draw the Weather
13 Favorite Smell
14 PP-Trace Your Hand
15 Weekly Quote
16 Monday Mandala
17 Design Your Own Winter Hat
18 Spool/Bobbin of Thread
19 Cinnamon Rolls
20 Circles
21 PP-Add a Map
22 Weekly Quote
23 Monday Mandala
24 Angel
25 Use a Brayer
26 Bird of the Month—Cardinal
27 Obsession of the Month
28 PP-Add Fabric
29 Weekly Quote
30 Monday Mandala

31 Basket Pattern

Sunday, November 27, 2016

StencilGirl CYBER Monday SALE 2016!!!!

It is almost time!!!!
Have you wanted to get your hands on some StencilGirl Stencils?!
This is THE sale!
Not only my stencils but ALL StencilGirl Stencils are on sale. Some of the other things on the site are not included, make sure you check the details on the promo above. 

You can click HERE to see all my stencils
HERE to see a whole world of stencils from truly talented artists which I am so very grateful to be among!
Now set your clock and get ready to SHOP!
Do you get confused of Time Zones...your not alone.
Click here to check your time. The StencilGirl Time Zone is Central (Chicago Time).

Friday, November 11, 2016

Stencils and Samples

Yesterday I told you about my new stencil release from StencilGirl Products. Today I have a few more samples I wanted to show you. Above is the collection of stencils. These were each made with one pull with black paint on the Gelli Plate on deli paper. Easy and FUN!

Let's start off with some that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! They are made by Janet Joehlin. She decided to make Truth Cards to send to people to brighten their day. WOW!!!!! I have to tell you, I got quite emotional when she sent me these. Exactly what was in my mind when I designed these. I know getting one of these would sure put a smile on my face!!!!
A BIG thank you Janet!!!!

A closer look at some of the cards I made with the stencils. The stencils fit perfect on a A2 (4.24 x 5.5) card. The big bird fits great on a 5 x 7 card. If you are always wanting to know what to do with all those Gelli Prints, here you go!!!! These were all made with one pull using black cardstock! Just remember to put the stencil down backwards on the plate.

Stencil Artwork done with stencils designed by Maria McGuire for StencilGirl Products.

Here is a closer look at some of the stitching I did with the bird stencils, sometimes simple stitches make a big impact!
Love that newsprint fabric under it not to mention the gorgeous thread by Sue Spargo.

And finally, here are a few art journal pages I made.

Below you can see the Live Your Beautiful Life, 4 x 4 Bird and in the background you will see my Doodle It Bigger stencil.

Again the 4x4 birds....probably pretty easy to tell which is my favorite stencil of this release by now and in the bottom of the stencil, Big Tornado.

Here is a little close up of the bird above. I used gold embossing paste by Wendy Vecchi.

Big Tornado and a doodle of a flower.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

New Stencil Release from Maria McGuire and StencilGirl Products

So excited! Today I have 15 new stencils that I am releasing with StencilGirl Products!
These stencils are close to my heart and come from a very personal place. Words and sayings that I try to remember to tell myself all the time.

I wanted to have stencils that would work not only in my art journal but I wanted to make cards and send these to people to brighten their day. 
A perfect mix of mixed media and paper crafting. Although I wasn't thinking of this when I designed them, they work perfect with the Gelli Plate. Just remember to put them down backwards before pulling your print. Instant background for a card!

I have a ton of samples that StencilGirl will be showing. I've added in some others here too. Below you will see Gelli Prints, Stitching, Art Journal pages, cards and more! Just click on any of the photos to go over to StencilGirl Products.

Tomorrow I'll show you some things that Janet Joehlin made with the stencils and a few other samples I have.
I'd love to hear what you think about these and if you have any other ideas on how you would use them.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Inktober...A Month In Review

I decided to challenge myself this last month and participate in Inktober. I've done daily challenges before and loved them. I could have just used the prompt list provided or drawn random things along the way...but I wanted toI pick a theme with a more personal challenge. Mandala's. They are probably my favorite thing to draw. 

Did I ever think I wouldn't make it through the 31 days? no. Did I think they would be less involved, yes. It is defiantly my form of meditation and the only way I can really tune out the voices in my head. I can say that the month was truly some sort of therapy for me.

As you can probably tell, my favorite thing to add is little circles. There is something weird in my brain that takes over when I start doing that. The only thing that keeps me from not doing them all day is my hand--it starts to hurt after awhile.

Did I miss color? yes and no. Something inside of me loves the idea that I can just have paper and some pens and be able to create without all the other "stuff" that I "collect". How did I get them all done? I worked in 3 different journals. At night I would usually sketch in the idea and then the next day I would ink it. Yes, I sketched it first. I LOVE pencil and my choice is always to pick up a pencil first. Even if I don't erase it is the knowing that I can.

Did I like them all? no. Some I thought were really wonky. Will I continue now that the 31 days are over? of course! They are something I draw all the time anyway. I'd like to take it even further and improve my skills. 

If you would like to see any closer you can find them all on my Instagram feed. Now, I'm off to draw! 
Thanks for stopping by today 
a great BIG thank you 
to all the people who left comments and cheered me on
over on Instagram!!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

StencilGirl Throwback Thursday

Welcome to the first ever StencilGirl Throwback Thursday!
Makes me smile to be back playing with the StencilGirl Team.
Today I'm working with two of the very first stencils that I designed for StencilGirl.
When I look back now I can see that I came a very long way in my stencil design...still, these two both have very special places in my heart and I still use them on a regular basis. I decided to use them in a more simplistic form today to show what you can make with just some pens, dictionary paper and maybe a little paint.
I got my inspiration from two pieces I did on dictionary paper with these stencils. I can't just sit at night, I'm always doing some kind of doodle or stitching.
For the new art journal pages I started in the same way....just making pieces to use.
To start my first layout, I used parts of Stitch a Greek Medallion. This was the first stencil I ever designed :) Just a little gold paint, who doesn't love gold against black! Then I laid my pieces out. I did the same with the Stitch a Circle stencil.

Here is the outcome after some doodling:
This is another where I doodled onto a piece of cardstock and then cut it out and glued in my journal and then doodled.

If you would like to see some other ways I have used these stencils just click on the photos below for the posts:


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Stitch a Circle
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