Monday, March 30, 2015

Color Burst and Stencils YES!

Just popping in with a quick post to continue where I left off with Ken Oliver's Color Burst last week in the StencilGirl Blog Hop.

I had so many ideas and was just playing. Here I wanted to see what would happen if I used the Color Bursts over a page with gesso on it. I also wanted to use the one piece I had left over from my post HERE

I started in my Moleskine DLP planner wetting the page completely with water. Then I put random bursts of color with the Color Burst.

The final product.....after tilting my book around:

PRETTY! As I said last week, these Color Bursts could be my "go to" travel supply!!!! 
Now I have to use a stencil...just HAVE to :)

I chose the Ribbons and Circles stencil by Mary Beth Shaw. I let my page dry COMPLETELY and then laid the stencil so it covered my entire spread. Using a baby wipe I wiped away the color showing through the stencil to give me a textured background.

The final results......I added the LOVE piece I made HERE with Color Burst and stencils as a tip in to my page.

Yes...I think I LOVE Color Burst!!!!!!!
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Stencils Used:

Ribbons and Circles

Friday, March 27, 2015

StencilGirl and Ken Oliver Blog Hop

Welcome to my second project in the 
You can see my first project HERE.

I decided for my second post to try using Masking Fluid with Ken Oliver's Color Burst. Why not start out with a stencil? I used the Vintage Typewriter and Jumbo Vintage Typewriter designed by Carolyn Dube.

I started by tracing letters onto the Ranger Watercolor paper and then filling them in with the Masking Fluid. Remember...the stencil is just a guide--no need to be perfect!
This is what they looked like when they were all done:

The masking fluid dried quicker than you would think so it was right up my alley! When I was done, I wet the paper and I mixed up some Color Burst. It doesn't take much to get amazing vidid color! Here is what it looked like after I put the color on with the Masking Fluid in place.

Here is what they looked like after dry. To remove the Masking Fluid you just rub it with your finger. I then erased any pencil marks that were still visible.

 But what to do with them.......hummmm....a card! That's it!
Sometimes I miss my papercrafting life...okay a lot of times :)
Since I am begging for Spring to come, I thought a Pop-up Spring card was appropriate. You can see other's I have made HERE and HERE. One of my favorite card shapes :) Just Google "spring card" and you will get tons of ways to make one.

And my favorite thing about this card is that it folds flat to mail!!!!!

So what do I LOVE best about the Color Bursts.....I think these are the PERFECT travel art supply. So lightweight, no liquid and instant color when you are ready. My mind is reeling with other ideas to use them....I have one more ready now, but that will have to wait until Monday after the hop is over. See you back here then, but before you leave make sure to leave a comment (hopefully about my project) to be entered to win the StencilGirl GIVEAWAY!

Thank's Ken for letting my play with your new toys!!!!!
Make sure you stop by the other blogs on the hop today!!

Friday Hop List

Find Ken's Products HERE  (Color Burst coming soon)
and visit the StencilGirl website HERE.

 It's a week long blog hop of Color Bursts!  Prizes and inspiration await! Each team has fantastic giveaways Leave a comment on each StencilGirl Talk post and our team members posts to be entered to win a $50 gift certificate from StencilGirl!  
Then head over to blogs on Ken's Team to find out about their prizes! 
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Stencils Used:

Thursday, March 26, 2015

A BIG Fat Colorburst and Stencil Beautiful MESS!

Welcome to the StencilGirl and Ken Oliver Blog Hop!

Where to begin........oh did I have fun with Ken's products!!!! I started thinking I would sit down for a minute to play and then a few hours later this is what my desk that was empty when I started looked like!

Needless to say...I have a "few" ideas on how to use Color Burst with stencils :) Let's start with this one.....why I decided to do this I have NO idea...but I am SO SO SO glad I did!!!!! A touch of Color Burst into Golden Molding Paste--OH MY!

As you can see in the photo above and below...I had to try out my new Molding Paste with a stencil. I used my Doodle It Tornado Flowers to test it.

To say that I had my usual "shiny object syndrome" while playing with these products was an understatement. Yes, fun but FOCUS Maria--you need to do a project :)

After I had the Molding paste, I used my Doodle It Bigger stencil to make some small pieces to play with.

I don't know what possessed me to dunk the entire piece in water....but it worked so I won't question it. You can also see that I was using the top of my Molding Paste as a palette....very in the "moment".

After it was wet I used a bit of the Color Burst mixed with water to color my piece--switching colors from time to time. I LOVE how it oozed into the Molding Paste.

Here is a look at how the transformation went with each piece: lets talk about that Click It stamp pad!!!!! Mr. Oliver where oh where were you went I was an avid scrapbooking INKING QUEEN!!!!???? GOODNESS, you need to get yourselves one (ALL) of these!!!! In LOVE!!!

After I my mini pieces were done, I ran the ink pad over each one....why, I have no idea...but I LOVED what it did to them!!! Seriously, this ink pad is AWESOME!!!!! I also showed above a little sample I did to just try them with a hand carved stamp. Here is a close up after one was inked.

So....what to do with mini masterpieces :) Make pieces of art of course!

I mounted each piece on a piece of foam core and cut around it with an X-acto Knife. Then I used two Bass Wood Canvases from Walnut Hallow as my base. I painted them black and did the edging with gold. Perfect place to mount my works of art. I added some gold lines as an accent and they were done. Easy!

As you can see...I had "a little" fun with Ken's products and stencils!! As a matter of fact, I will be back in the hop on Friday with another project! See you then....but before you go, make sure to leave a comment (hopefully about my projects) to be entered to win the StencilGirl GIVEAWAY!

It's a week long blog hop of Color Bursts!  Prizes and inspiration await! Each team has fantastic giveaways Leave a comment on each StencilGirl Talk post and our team members posts to be entered to win a $50 gift certificate from StencilGirl!  
Then head over to blogs on Ken's Team to find out about their prizes! 
(one comment per post please)

StencilGirl GIVEAWAY closes at 11:59PM Central Time on Sunday, March 29th.
Find Ken's Products HERE  (Color Burst coming soon)
and visit the StencilGirl website HERE.

Thursday Hop List

Stencils Used:

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Do You Doodle? Why Not Try It With A Stencil!

excited to say that I have
Doodle It 
stencils that were released today at StencilGirl!!

Come on over to StencilGirl Talk to see them or watch the video

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My Imagination Was Inspired by Stencils

Playing in my Art Journal with some new stencils again! 
This time from NEW StencilGirl Artist, Lesley Riley!

She has 5 new stencils and although not necessarily meant to go together, I think they can be used all together to get a wonderful result. 
Here is a close-up of some of the texture they made. 
Gotta LOVE that!

You can see them all HERE
LOVE when the stencils inspire the page!

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Dream Landscape

A little look at something on my desk I was playing with....Nothing earth shattering. It started like this...I was playing with my Doodle It Dream Landscape stencil from StencilGirl with some Dylusions spray inks. The piece above was one of my rejects for the day...but nothing better than a little stress relieving circle drawing so I got into a meditative state with circles. Now it isn't a reject and I love it! Here is a close-up for you.
My never fail way to alleviate STRESS!

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Playing with New Stencils!

Just a quick post showing some play I had in my #DLP planner using new stencils designed by Cecilia Swatton for StencilGirl
They were just released today and you can see them HERE!

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

DLP Planner Page with EXCLUSIVE Stencils from StencilGirl

Come on over to StencilGirl Talk today! I'll show you how I made this page in my #DLP Documented Life Journal with the EXCLUSIVE February 2015 StencilClub stencils from StencilGirl designed by my buddy Carolyn Dube!!! 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

StencilGirl Stencils and Craft Attitude

Welcome to my inspiration with using Craft Attitude and StencilGirl stencils. I had never used Craft Attitude before so I was excited to try it and then use it with stencils. 

I started by using one of Carolyn Dube's "Spark of Art-spriation" that she gives her newsletter subscribers every month to download. I thought it would give me the perfect base layer of color to play with. A BIG thank you to Carolyn for her Spark AND for giving me some inspiration at the perfect time for this project! I also went into my scrapbooking stash and pulled out some canvas embellishments Carolyn and I had bought on a trip a few years ago and I had been hoarding. I believe they are from Technique Tuesday.

 I used the directions that came along with the Craft Attitude which told me to print using the mirror image. This is especially important if you have text. I didn't but still did it this way.

 After my images were printed on the Craft Attitude I went to work right over the printed film with 2 of my stencil designs from StencilGirl Doodle It Tornado Bloom and Doodle It Tornado Flowers using acrylic paint.

 After I was done with the paint I added glue stick to the entire page. This was one of the adhesive suggestions on the instructions. It goes right over the printed/painted design.

 After I put the glue stick down I cut apart my canvas pieces, leaving the backing on them. I stuck the correct (top) side of the canvas down on the glue stick.

Then time for some cutting around each of the shapes. I still left the canvas backing in place as it is self-adhesive.

I then took off the paper backing carrier from the Craft Attitude. As you can see in the photo above the cool texture of the canvas came through on the surface giving a great texture.

Here is a look at all the pieces after I was done cutting them out. I still kept the backing on the canvas. This way I can be ready whenever I want to stick them down in a project.

Now came the really fun part for me.....the details. I used a variety of StencilGirl stencils (you can see them all listed below) and started to embellish the pieces. Here is a look at them. At this point, I could have gone on forever. The Craft Attitude took the pens and perfectly!

This is a peek of one of the pieces that I pulled back the backing on the canvas from. As you can see, now I have thin pieces of canvas already embellished and ready to use in my projects.

and another fun thing....I had some scraps of the Craft Attitude on my desk that I had tried some other stencils on and some doodling. I stuck them to a paper towel that was sitting on my desk and VERY COOL! I kept these to use on a future piece too!

 I'm always looking for new ways to use stencils and this was a great addition to my list.

Make sure you also visit Gwen and Carolyn today to see what they made!!!!

Here are all the StencilGirl stencils I used to embellish my pieces:

Nature Notes,Past Present FutureUrban Insiders SquareFowl PlayNow Is The TimeWall of WordsFridge PoetryDoodle It Tornado BloomDoodle It Tornado Flowers

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