Friday, October 30, 2015

Stencils and Journaling Blocks

Head on over to StencilGirl Talk today.....I'm talking stencils and Journaling Blocks!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

plus the release of NEW Ai Spinners!!! 

I am thrilled to be playing with products from Art Impressions again! If you arrived from Kirsi Kamppikoski's blog you are on the right track. If not and you are just visiting today you can find the complete Blog Hop order below.

I was sent (THANK YOU!!! Ai) the 4676 - Pumpkin Spinner
4695 - Pumpkin Spinner Dies  to work with. 

I haven't done much papercrafting in the last 2 years and truly miss it! I thought it might be fun to add in a little mixed media to my project today so I could bring two of my loves together--past and present!

For the base of my card I used a piece of Bazzill Orange Peel Texture (my FAVORITE cardstock) in the Mardi Gras color along with 2 sheets of deli paper that I Gelli printed with  two StencilGirl stencils. Doodle It Tornado Bloom and Connected Eyes.

The base of my card was extremely easy! I wanted to keep it simple because this project is all about the Spinner!
I cut my cardstock to A2 size (4.25" x 5.5") and layered with a piece of my Gelli Print (4" x 5.25"). In an effort to use up my scrapbooking stash I used a felt sentiment that I have had for literally YEARS! Some gold pen work and called it done!

Let's move onto that 4676 - Pumpkin Spinner and coordinating
4695 - Pumpkin Spinner Dies
I used a cut n' boss to cut out my stamped images, but any die cutting system will do!
Oh these dies!!!!! Where were you when I was designing for Ai???!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!! The above photo in orange shows you my actual images but underneath I wanted to give you a little step-out of my process so I did it on plain white paper.
  1. Lay stamps on acrylic block and position them by placing the die (cut side up) over the stamps. This way the stamped images will be in perfect position to cut. Stamp images.
  2. Now lay die (cut side down) over the stamped images. Perfect fit! I used a bit of washi tape to hold in position. Run through die cut machine. With the cut n' boss system I used a sandwich of A, image/die A and B. Machines will vary.
  3. As you can see PERFECT cut! How easy is that!

Now that I had my perfect pumpkins, I used a variety of markers and pens to color them in.

Being that I used deli paper (that is very thin and see through) for my Gelli prints I wanted to reinforce these. I cut out another pumpkin from the Bazzill cardstock and sandwiched it in between. Before I did, I used some Scor Tape adhesive and heavy orange thread to make my spinner.

Time to assemble my spinner. I used another (4" x 5.25") piece of the purple Gelli Print for the inside base of my card.

  1. Cut two pieces of purple cardstock each 5.5" x 1". Score both (from right hand side) at .5", 1", 4.5" and 5". Fold at score lines.
  2. Place adhesive ONLY on the first scored section on each end. See visual below.
    Adhere thread to strips of cardstock as seen in photo above. I reinforced the string with another little piece of Gelli print glued over.
  3. Adhere strip to card base as seen in photo above.
  4. See, it lays flat!
  5. and then POPS UP! when the card is opened. 
A few notes: I did go on to embellish my strips on the inside of the card with leftover scraps from the pumpkin gelli print. The sentiment (included in the stamp set) was stamped on the gelli print. Before you close the card, twist the pumpkin on the thread around and around until tight. Then when the recipient opens it will SPIN around and around!!!

What a FUN card to make! Thanks Ai for always having innovative ideas! If you would like to see a sampling of just a few of the other cards I made for Ai in the past you can see them HERE.
There are so, so many more somewhere out there :) 

Make sure you click below to enter to WIN!

Ready for your next stop???
Head on over to Marie-Pierre Capistran's blog and see what she made!!!
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Monday, August 31, 2015

The Stencils Win!!

This past Saturday in the Chicagoland area was a rainy, dreary, don't want to do anything kind of day! So many thing that needed to get done but didn't feel like doing ANY of them! I figured the least I could do was clean off my desk so I could make some art.....well that is where I went wrong or I guess right!

I have a terrible shiny object syndrome.....I can be totally engrossed in something and then BAM! I see something out of the corner of my eye and that thing I was working on--GONE! In this case it was the new stencils that were sitting on my desk designed by Desiree Habicht. Get more information on StencilGirl Talk today

I thought to myself, "just a minute, just try them and then get back to the desk cleaning"....well, that didn't happen, LOL!

Apparently with the yucky weather I was thinking Fall....I used one of my leftover paint journals to just play with all three of her stencils together seeing how they worked. Well....that led to an ah ha moment.....

I took that leftover paint and moved to one of my regular journals...enter let's clean off those brushes and start again....

I know these weren't Fall flowers but I was loving the color palette and went with it. They made a pretty background.

But....I wanted to play with all three stencils together (they are quite different in theme).

What was my ah ha moment......Protection! I will protect the peace I am trying to achieve in my life. This stencil said it perfectly to me..and that is how art happens for me....out of a thought....a feeling. It is what makes me happy....

I thought I'd show you another little piece I did with the stencils when I first got them. Now don't get all excited...this was done with Crayola Kid Markers at 1:00AM in the morning. Just playing with it to get the feel. We buy all these expensive art supplies and let me tell you, those Crayola markers have some intense color, not to mention I seem to feel more free when I use I'm not wasting anything when you can get a ton of them for about $5.00!

In other news....
Tomorrow is the BIG day!!!!
Brave Girl University comes alive!!!
I'm a so honored to be involved in a project with so many creative souls in one place. Just AMAZING!!!! If you didn't sign up yet there is still time. You get all the classes and they never expire AND they keep adding new ones EVERY month! I'll be there, hope to see you! Just follow the Brave Girl Link here  to get more information or click on the photo below to sign up :) PS: If you sign up before tomorrow there is a special incentive to get the Brave Box add on for $20 (if you want) and lock in the lower price before the prices increases to $24.95. I wait patiently for my Brave Box EVERY month :)

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

My Path Is Taking A Brave Girl Turn In the Road

Can't see the graphic, click HERE.

I'm so excited, nervous, grateful.....
It is true....some things come into your life when you need them most--literally out of no where, this I know is true. 
They also come into your life for a reason.

I'm honored, beyond my wildest dreams to be joining other talented Brave Girls as a teacher in the NEW Brave Girl University coming 
September 1st!

It is a new fork in my path and I hope you will come along with me. The Brave Girls philosophy is something I am very passionate about. As a matter of fact I will say that Melody, Kathy and the Brave Girl team have changed my life quite literally. 
Now I want to share what I learned and so much more with you.

Want to join me? 

Today is the pre-launch
I would love if you would follow me over and get more information and save yourself a spot to come learn even further with me. I promise to do my very best and help as many people as I can along the way.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Art Is Therapy Playing with Stencils from Seth Apter

Welcome to the StencilGirl and Seth Apter Blog Hop. If you have arrived from my friend Janet's blog you are on the right track and have arrived at the last stop on the hop. If you are just visiting my blog today, welcome!

The one thing I really do know is that art heals. What does it heal? Oh so many things....and sometimes it catches you totally off guard. This is one of those circumstances. I'm even going to go out on a limb here and say that this is probably one of my most significant, deep to the core sessions of art I have ever made.

I encourage you to take a look at Seth's new stencils and just sit with them for awhile. Here is a little back story to my piece. When I first received Seth's stencils I did a little play in a small journal I have just for this. Not intended for anyone to see, just to see how they stencil. Below is a photo of that:

I just played and layered them. As you can see in the photo above, it was the last page in this little journal. I had used up extra paint on my palette and although nice, I didn't think it was blog hop worthy. Also, at the time I wasn't really reading the words. It was "saved" as my Blog Hop inspiration piece. Fast forward to a few weeks later...I had to get it done. I opened to a page in my "good" (ha ha) journal to recreate the page.

I noticed a trend in my left over paint pages...ombre. It all started out good layering the pieces of the Techno Insiders stencils onto the page. 
Very cool designs Seth!

I decided to make a few of the elements on my page stand out. No better way than some Wendy Vecchi Embossing Paste! I LOVE this stuff!

and happened when I did this.....
**Warning--if you just want to see the art and enter the giveaway, this is where the post would end for you....but not for me**

Not even dry yet (see the cloudiness in the gold)....and my innocent page took a turn. 
That word ENOUGH. Deep.... DEEP....DEEP meaning to me. This is where.....Mr. took over as a therapy session. No more process photos, just me and my art journal figuring "IT" out. For every word there was another word....more than that....I didn't realize it at the time, but when I finally took a step back and looked at what I made, I realized I was cleaning off my stencils on the page beside my project each time. 
THIS is my real Art Journal page. 
You may not think this is Blog Hop worthy....but this is where the deep, layered feelings of the words got buried each time I cleaned a stencil onto this page.

Moral of the story.....
Stencils are cheaper than therapy!
Don't just think about art, MAKE IT! be it......
Who cares if anyone else likes it! Do you??!!! 
Thanks Seth, your stencils are very special :) 

Thanks to everyone who read to the end because this isn't the end of my is just the beginning.

$25 StencilGirl Gift Certificate to one lucky winner!
All comments left on the hop list participants posts will be entered. 
One comment per blog. 
Comments close on July 24th @ 11:59PM Central.

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

When Art Comes Unexpectedly

Sometimes art just comes out of your soul from no where....
This is one of those....
I LOVE when that happens :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Did Someone Say Stencil Sale??

Happy Birthday Mary Beth!!!
Looking for stencils? Today is a great day to get some!
Head on over to StencilGirl Talk to find the details.
I am so lucky to be among such a talented group of artists at StencilGirl!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

StencilGirl and USArtQuest

where to start....where to start....
Minding my own business working at the StencilGirl booth with John Shaw I looked up to notice that the rest of our team was missing....Odd--where did they all go??

I look around the room and see Janet, Mary Beth and Carolyn frantically waving their hands at me to come over to the other side of the room to the USArtQuest booth. Yes...that is where it all started.....for me :)
You can get Carolyn's version in THIS post.
I can't really explain the rest. Let us just say that the StencilGirl Team is PASSIONATE...passionate about stencils, yes...but put more art supplies in front of us and oh my!!
I don't think Susan Pickering Rothemel really knew what to think of all of us, LOL!
Insert vision of Janet jumping up and down when Susan showed her how to do a technique.

By the time we left Susan had filled our hands with product to play with and sent us on our way. WOW! Thank you Susan! Yes, I am a product driven girl! Possibilities GALORE!

Susan was also nice enough to give us each a copy of her DVD so we could get familiar with her products. You can find it on her website.

I'm thinking you may have come here for a technique or inspiration, so let's get started! Now I could do one of the techniques on Susan's DVD, but...instead I decided to "experiment" since I hadn't played with any of these products before.

Let's start with a tip:
Pretty literally I started with a blank canvas....a 8.5" x 8.5" to be exact. It started to fray as soon as I cut it so I thought....hummm, PPA Adhesive I've never used that before...I'm thinking it just may work. It DID!!!! No fray here!

Let's start with a stencil of course! I chose my Doodle It Layered Petals because I wanted something with large openings. I traced the stencil with a regular pencil onto the canvas and then cut out the negative parts of the stencil making sure to leave it still attached by the outside edge. TIP: cut slits in each "hole" to make removing the parts easier. This really isn't as hard as you might think.

My idea was to work with the Dicrofibers so that they showed thru the cut out holes of the stencil. These are just beautiful and quite amazing the way they fuse together to make an actual material. They do tend to fly around a little (insert story of a son that wasn't too happy with me and how somehow they ended up in our dinner that night. What's a little sparky goodness in your food????!

 I did follow Susan's directions on this one.....
they come right on the package so no worries!

Now that I had my fiber "sheet" made I used the PPA Adhesive to adhere it to the canvas. I added glue to the back side of the my cut out canvas and attached the entire sheet over it. The final picture below shows what it looked like when done.

What should I play with about those little balls of awesome color!
Prills (these were my favorite product I played with).

I again added the PPA to the canvas, this time on the good side and aded the Prills
I walked away and let it dry overnight (not one of my strong suits).

Enter the morning.....
STOP! I love the Prills, but I hate my project!!!!!
Oh NO! The ugly stage :( 
I literally sat there for 10 minutes and stared at it.....I knew what to do. I always a little voice in my head that comes up--do this! I have learned over the years to just go with it. Heck, it is only "stuff" there is more where that came from.

What did I hate?? The middle!
So that I did! Just that made me instantly happy and I new I was out of the uglies!
Great Tape....I "think" Susan affectionately called it Buger Tape...either that or I'm dreaming. I used it to adhere a piece of felted wool to the back of the canvas to be the new middle. This stuff is sticky and wonderful!!!!

Almost done...just a few finishing touches.
I needed a word....of course :)
I wanted "be".....just be and it will come. I used the Vintage Typewriter stencil to make the word myself. This stencil comes in handy to me ALL the time! A few extra prills in the middle (because I was in LOVE with this color and had to use them) and then some simple stitching to bring all the colors together.

Thanks Susan! I had so much fun playing with these new to me products and am always thrilled to find a new way to use my StencilGirl stencils!

Did you see what Janet made today using the 
USArtQuest supplies and StencilGirl stencils? 
Hop on over to her Blog to see!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Be Like A Turtle

 I have been talking quite a bit lately about how much I'm loving my Dylusions paint.
Well....the love affair started with this page. W A Y back when I put in my order for the paint (like many people) I was so excited when I got a package in the mail right away....unfortunately, that excitement didn't last very long because I only got 2 of them--brown and green. Now there is nothing wrong with brown and green but I wanted them ALL! NOW! Sadness.....

I started this page in my small Fabriano EcoQua Notebook on that day with 
For some reason life got in my way and I never finished it. When the rest of my paints recently came it reminded me that I started this page an never finished. 
In I went!

I love how it turned out. These paints are really something special for Art Journalers. As a matter of fact I'm not waiting until mine are empty....another whole set is on its way to me!

Speaking of LOVE, did you see one of June's other stencils, Coral Fan??
Saying magnificent texture doesn't even do it justice! Just look at it used with Golden Molding Paste! WOW!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Playing with NEW Stencils Designed by Mary C. Nasser!

Nothing like new stencils to inspire me to make a 
 Art Journal page!!!
Yesterday my friend Mary C. Nasser had EIGHT new stencils released at StencilGirl and today I'm going to show you what I made with them and even through one in from my friend Carolyn Dube too!

This turned out to be a little bit like another post I did "What If".....
I guess most people would call it experimentation.

I had Mary's stencils in front of me along with new Dylusions paint. 
No idea in mind so I just started with some paint.

I like the "cloud" like effect I got with the Mini Blending Tool and the paint....but, what if...I added some Color Burst by Ken Oliver on top to deepen it?
YUMMY! I really had gotten some water on my page and I started to notice something interesting....I don't know if the Color Burst reacted with something in the Dylusions or what happened but it was turning the most BEAUTIFUL fuchsia.

That didn't last long because as the background dried, the fuchsia went away....but let me tell you, it was BEAUTIFUL for the time it was there! Here is what the background looked like when it was almost dry.

Okay...back to the page! What if.....I used Mary's two new 4" x 4" It's a Small World Latitude and It's a Small World Longitude  stencils to add a ghosting to the background...
Yes! That was PERFECT! Here is the finished background....I added some Golden Gesso  around the globes to pop them out a little.

Okay...this is where it gets exciting for me!!! Whenever I see a globe or map of the world I think back to High not something I learned....this texture......remember that texture they used to have on globes? All that bumpy goodness. I can still remember running my fingers over it. 
That is the first thing I thought of when I saw Mary's new Going Global and Star Map stencils.
I NEEDED to recreate that. Luckily I had a "what if" that was so easy I almost couldn't believe it....enter DecoArt Media Texture Sand Paste!
Knowing I only wanted the paste on the continents and not in all the lines, I took a old room key and cut a small tool to spread my paste.
I used this paste before HERE and LOVED it! Let me tell you it goes on like butter. So smooth in fact that I guessed it....what if I took my finger and tapped it to get that globe from my past feel.....

After the Texture Sand Paste was dry (which really doesn't take long at all) especially when you don't have patients, I took out my Tim Holtz Water Brushes that I have all my colors of Dylusions Spray Ink in. This is my preferred way to use the sprays :)
3 Greens....sounds good to me!

My childhood is back!!!!
(insert this is when I emailed Mary pretty darn excited!!!)
Want to see????!?!!!!!
Goodness was I HAPPY!!!!

Now I wanted to put the other lines back in from the Going Global and Star Map stencils. I used a Sakura Gelly Roll pen (the Classic kind). I love this pen for getting in really small stencil spaces. Then I went back to the Dylusions paint and added some arrows from Mary's new Go Your Own Way 4x4, 6x6 and Round Here 4x4, 6x6 stencils

Words!!!! Yes, I need words now!
Time for Carolyn Dube's NEW Are We There Yet Stencil--Now that is a match for Mary's stencils!!!! 
I added a little detail work including adding some rubber stamping from Mary's Map stamps from Rubbermoon
You can see them in her ETSY shop HERE

Here is the final page....
I have to tell you, this is one of my favorite pages I've made this year so far!

Here is a detail shot....

I hear from Mary that if you head on over to her blog today you might just see an exciting what are you waiting for--GO SEE!